Blockchain API Quality of Service, January 2021

Monthly API performance comparison chart January 2021

API performance comparison chart – January 21, 2021

Dappros Quality Assurance team publishes the reports of testing. Dappros Platform blockchain-as-a-service APIs measured by the response time, absence of errors, and overall quality of the service.

We are doing this for the purpose of transparency so that developers can see how the API of blockchain and non-blockchain services are performing generally and how our R&D efforts lead to improvements in these metrics over time.

Note 1:

Please note some APIs response times are slow due to our API service having to wait for the transaction to be processed via blockchain and for the status to be returned. This sometimes causes the API to fall into the “bad” category in our report, which doesn’t necessarily mean the API or the service is slow, but this means that transaction is affected by blockchain network processing time. Where possible our R&D team works on decoupling the API service initial response to the request and the final status updated after full blockchain processing.

This provides application developers with immediate initial API response, but also allows them to be updated about the final status after the transaction has been mined into a block and has propagated over the blockchain.

Note 2:

This report provides information for API quality and response times of standard Dappros Platform blockchain-as-a-service. Cloud where performance may be affected by other users of the same cloud cluster infrastructure and trial users. Dappros additionally offers Enterprise Cloud, Dedicated, and On-Premise set-up options along with premium SLA options with a higher average and contractually guaranteed Quality of Service metrics.

This report is dated 21-01-2021.

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