Blockchain Notary Bot is an Ethereum powered blockchain notary service.

One of the unique features of our Notary Bot is that Dappros team has developed an e-mail to blockchain bridge allowing any user to easily send their content to be notarized. As the user sends their e-mail message to the bot e-mail address, Notary Bot creates a one-sided cryptographic hash of the content and puts it onto Dappros Platform blockchain using our Data API.
Dappros Platform further synchronises the hash into global blockchain network (such as Ethereum or Ropsten).

This effectively serves as a free and automated proof-of-existence and proof-of-ownership service. This may be used to prove the existence of a certain e-mail message or any piece of content contained within it.

This can be used to prove the existence of certain business communication, or the authorship of certain intellectual property or art piece. In a copyright dispute, for example, such public blockchain exposure would help one prove they have had access to certain data on certain date, which may help them prove their authorship or ownership.

End to end data privacy
Dappros Notary Bot do not store email body anywhere in the system thus provides complete data privacy.
Notary Bot service is useful to prove the communication or authenticity of their signature on a document.
Easy and automated
The entire process is very easy as you just have to keep [email protected] this email address in communication.
Our blockchain stores a record of ownership of a work which is immutable.

To make use of our Notary bot, simply keep [email protected] in your email communication and the bot will take care of rest.