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Integrate with legacy systems
Build new business applications

Decentralized Apps

dApps and smart contracts deal with trust and security opening new avenues for business transactions.


Attract funding and boost trading by creating unique cryptographic tokens for your assets, real-world and virtual.

Distributed Data

Store your transactions and data seamlessly and securely over the distributed network. Full audit trace, no single point of failure.

Why we need decentralized applications?


Product Development Lifecycle

Over years, this process helps us deliver with high quality and on time.

The Idea & Concept

We learn about you, your project and discuss how we can help. We dig for the most cost & time effective way to achieve your goals. We prepare a BRD and provide you with a free quote for implementation and ongoing support. We will educate your team on blockchain technology and its specifics that are relevant to your problem. We will jointly evaluate whether decentralized applications and smart contracts add value in your use case, and will design the most effective on-chain and conventional system architecture accordingly.

MVP Stage

We believe in iterating often, using Agile project management and software development methods, achieving useable product as soon as possible, and keeping it business ready with each R&D iteration. Unless you instruct us otherwise, we aim to “hack” into a working prototype or a Minimum Viable Product in early stages of the project so that all stakeholders have an opportunity to interact with it, refine the requirements and get the team on board early in the process. This improves the quality of the technology solution and its integration into existing business processes, resulting in a higher success rate and increased added value.

Production Launch

By this stage all aspects of implementation are finalised including full feature set, smooth user experience and robust architecture. The product is stable, secure and ready for scale. In preparation for production launch, we carry out functional testing, load testing and penetration testing of the product. We prepare all the necessary documentation and train the relevant team members and stakeholders. We discuss with you and plan for a staged launch starting from smaller beta user groups where possible to further de-risk your official launch. We also initiate the post-launch support and maintenance services where applicable.

Support & Scale

We love it when the products of our work are used by millions of end users, create significant added value and grow exponentially helping your business and customers globally. To ensure you are fully supported at post-launch and scaling stage we carry out necessary training and prepare documentation for your technical operations and customer support teams. In addition we offer optional monthly subscription SLA packages with guaranteed uptime and incident resolution times. We use automation a lot in post-launch support making sure human tech ops engineers are supported and duplicated by automated site reliability control systems, which also helps reduce reaction time and keep this cost-effective. We also help with scale and growth budgeting getting our DevOps and R&D teams involved when your usage continues to grow to make sure your infrastructure is being used in the most effective way while providing a reliable service to your users.