International Day of Happiness!

What kind of bosses or colleagues do you want to work with? Happy or Unhappy? Most of us will answer ‘Happy’. So Please understand everybody else expecting the same thing.

Being happy is the fundamental nature of the human being.
Children up to the age of 7/8 years are always happy for no reason. Haven’t you notice them yelling, dancing, clapping, jumping and being are all over the place?
We all were like that once upon a time in our childhood. With aging proportion got changed and now someone has to make us happy. This is mainly because somewhere we have not understood the nature of ours. Right now, many of us are experiencing the dominance of our thoughts and emotion.
This situation can be changed with certain practices like Meditation, Yoga, Active participation in sports, Volunteering or discipline living.
We have also hurt mother earth in search of happiness to the extent where some species went extinct.
Happiness doesn’t come from external. It comes from within us. It is the responsibility of every human being to at least learn to be joyful irrespective of their age.

Wish you all more and most of the happiness.

Dappros Team
Dappros Team
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