Blockchain Industry Update (Ricardo Salinas, Michael Saylor, Anthony Scaramucci, Benoît Cœuré)

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  • BitMEX, one of the world’s biggest Bitcoin trading platforms, continues to strengthen its Anti-Money Laundering measures in the aftermath of its criminal charges in the United States.
  • Senator-elect Cynthia Marie Lummis Wiederspahn for the state of Wyoming is a bitcoiner and proud of it. She said, I’m a former state treasurer and I invested our state’s permanent funds. So I was looking for a good store of value. Bitcoin fits that bill.
  • Stanley Druckenmiller becomes Bitcoin’s latest admirer. That newbie is a legend.
  • Travelers can now get US passports in as little as 4 weeks with Bitcoin. A California-based visa and passport processing company announced it would be accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment.
  • Galaxy Digital’s bitcoin funds posted double-digit returns in the third quarter of 2020 following a price rally for the top crypto-asset.
  • Mexican Billionaire Ricardo Salinas, one of the world’s richest man with a net worth of $13.2 billion says he has 10% of his liquid portfolio invested in bitcoin.
  • OKB Token jumps 12% on Bitcoin Exchange OKEx reopening. After more than a month, Bitcoin exchange OKEx has announced that withdrawals will resume.
  • Mariner Wealth Advisors is allowing clients access to Eaglebrook’s Bitcoin SMA. Mariner has more than $35 billion in assets under management.
  • Bitcoin’s appeal as an alternative store of value asset is strengthening, according to analysts at Germany-based investment bank Deutsche Bank.
  • Bitcoin now has a greater market cap than Mastercard. Bitcoin reached 16th place among the world’s biggest entities after its market capitalization grew to nearly $335 billion.
  • American rapper, songwriter, and record producer, Logic revealed in an Instagram video that he invested $6 million in the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin last month.
  • 10 Billionaires could triple the price of Bitcoin. Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy says that it will only take a handful of multi-billionaires to make the price of BTC skyrocket.
  • Poloniex exchange goes down on the brink of new Bitcoin all-time high. When all eyes are on Bitcoin, exchanges sometimes suffer difficulties.
  • Anthony Scaramucci, the founder of global investment firm SkyBridge Capital and former White House communications director, says Bitcoin could easily become digital gold and a store-of-value asset.
  • Softbank CEO sold Bitcoin at a $130m loss after getting too distracted.

:: Blockchain::

  • Beam, a confidential and scalable blockchain, is set to launch a new DeFi platform, BeamX, on Nov 19. The mainnet release is expected in Q1 2021.
  • China’s China Construction Bank Corp withdraws $3B blockchain bond to be listed on Malaysian exchange.


  • The Russian Ministry of Finance has developed new amendments to the country’s cryptocurrency regulation. The proposal outlines a new set of rules for crypto owners, exchanges, and miners, as well as penalties for undeclared crypto transactions.
  • Argentinian lawmakers seek to regulate the crypto industry. An Argentinian lawmaker is expected to propose a bill in parliament that will give cryptocurrencies legal status in the South American country.
  • BitPay launches mass crypto payments for businesses. Crypto payment services provider BitPay has launched BitPay Send, a new blockchain-powered mass payout platform for businesses.
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan has published a paper discussing cryptocurrency regulation in the country. Meanwhile, the central bank has reportedly confirmed that there is no cryptocurrency ban.
  • Ukraine is prepared to lead Eastern Europe’s crypto space. The Ukrainian government is making serious steps toward crypto to make the country a leader in Eastern Europe.
  • Jaan Tallinn, Skype co-founder, holds most of his personal wealth in crypto assets. Tallinn has made multiple donations in BTC and ETH to A.I.-focused tech companies.
  • The central bank of the Netherlands, De Nederlandsche Bank, announced that it has imposed new Anti Money Laundering rules that now require customers of all local crypto exchanges to “prove” that they control their withdrawal addresses linked to their accounts.
  • Grayscale now holds over $10 billion worth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on behalf of its clients. The firm was launched in 2013 and is one of the first players to offer crypto-focused services to institutional clients.
  • Crypto data company Chainalysis says it is valued at $1 Billion. The company expects to raise $100 million in Series C funding next week.
  • Crypto exchange KuCoin resumes deposits and withdrawals after the $275M September hack.
  • GoDaddy employees tricked into transferring control of crypto firm domains. Trading platform liquid. com and mining firm NiceHash were two of at least six firms that had control of their domains transferred.
  • Bithumb crypto-exchange temporarily closes some offices due to COVID-19. Bithumb’s offline support center in Gangnam is closing down for a while.
  • OKEx to restore crypto withdrawal. Users of leading cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange, OKEx can now rejoice as the platform has announced the resumption of cryptocurrency withdrawals by Nov 27.
  • Thai crypto business to get liquidity boost following new regulations. Securities firms in Thailand are now authorized to count crypto as capital funds.

:: Digital Currencies::

  • Deutsche Bank, the largest banking institution in Germany, is confident that central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs, will replace cash in the future.
  • DeFi Platform Akropolis admits to being hacked for $2 Million. It’s the latest flash loan attack on an Ethereum-based DeFi protocol for yield farming.
  • Benoît Cœuré, a French economist and the head of Bank for International Settlements, has said that a Central Bank Digital Currency takeover does not mean an end to fiat currencies. Fiat remains a strong means of savings.
  • Privacy should be at the core of CBDCs, says Boston Fed research director. Privacy should be a key talking point from the beginning of CBDC development.
  • Decentralized Finance protocol Value DeFi was exploited for approximately $6 million, possibly due to a flash loan attack, a scheme often seen in the fast-growing DeFi sector.
  • Banks in Germany have been increasingly passing on the burden of negative interest rates to their clients after the European Central Bank adopted a negative interest rate policy.
  • Tether ramps up blacklistings of USDT addresses in Q4. Tether’s increased blacklisting activity is likely correlated with a more active involvement in recent community efforts to recover funds from prominent exchange and DeFi hacks.
  • DeFi protocol Origin was exploited late Monday night and lost about $7 million. A reentrancy bug in Origin’s smart contracts led to the attack.
  • The International Monetary Fund published a new working paper on central bank digital currencies and their legal ramifications.
  • Top Japanese banks and leading corporations to test private digital currency next year.


  • The percentage of Ethereum being held on crypto exchanges is at 13.35% of the total supply in circulation. This value is the lowest since November 23rd, 2018. DeFi and preparation for ETH2.0 staking could be two reasons why this is so.
  • Ethereum at $500. This is happening for the first time in more than 2 years amid a rising Ethereum search interest on Google.
  • The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has now approved Grayscale’s Ethereum Trust as the first public quoted ETH investment product in the United States.
  • IBC Group, a Dubai-based boutique investment firm, is staking $10 million worth of ether to support the Ethereum 2.0 launch.

:: Investment, announcement, Launch::

  • PayPal just officially launched its cryptocurrency buying service. After weeks of beta testing, the service has finally rolled out to all of its customers in the U.S.
  • API3 raised $3 million in a seed funding round led by VC firm Placeholder. It will use DAO-governed open-source software. API3 plans to lower the cost of oracle data by removing the network of middlemen used by other data providers like Chainlink.
  • API3, a decentralized API network, has raised $3 million in a private funding round led by Placeholder and with participation from Pantera and Digital Currency Group.
  • KuCoin’s Pool-X is planning to launch a non-fungible token exchange. The exchange believes NFTs have great potential, and it’s positioned for mainstream adoption.
  • Galaxy Digital, the digital asset manager founded by Mike Novogratz, is to launch a bitcoin fund in Canada.
  • ZKSwap, a token swap protocol being built on ethereum’s layer-2 scaling technology ZK-rollups, has raised $1.7 million in an angel round.
  • Chipper Cash, an African company backed by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, has raised $30 million and is launching a cryptocurrency trading service due to high demand for cryptocurrencies.


  • Bitfinex enters P2P Lending Industry, offers loans up to $250,000. Bitfinex borrow is a new peer-to-peer lending service allowing users to borrow dollars or USDT against their BTC and ETH holdings.
  • Tornado Cash’s privacy pool USD value surpasses $13M, hitting a new high.
  • Huobi exchange is reportedly planning to acquire bitFlyer and Bithumb. The acquisition, however, has been halted following the ongoing investigation on the exchange.
  • TrustSwap leverages its escrow and time-lock services to build a startup launchpad.
  • President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, is urging G20 nations to support the emergence of central bank digital currencies.

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