6 Ways To Earn Free Bitcoin

Dappros Platform supports numerous tokenization use cases where one of our focuses is tokenizing communities and ecosystems, implementing p2p economy and users rewards mechanisms etc. While our solutions are typically built on Ethereum L2 or private chains where in many cases tokens mainly circulate within a particular ecosystem, our users and clients are naturally very interested in Bitcoin and in ways to start interacting with Bitcoin without having to follow complex procedures. From a consumer point of view, we offer this summary of 6 most popular services / platforms that allow anybody to earn some Bitcoin and start interacting with this most popular cryptocurrency. Whether you buy or earn a little bit of Bitcoin, we believe it is a great thing to do for your personal education and as a first step into the exciting world of a decentralized economy.

A recent study by New York Digital Investment Group shows that approximately 46 million Americans now own at least a share of Bitcoin. This is huge, and goes to show that Bitcoin is mainstream, despite media noise. We want to show 6 easy ways to get free Bitcoin, without having to actively invest through a traditional crypto exchange.


Brave is a browser which pays users for watching ads, is privacy respecting, and blocks intrusive ads & trackers. So how can a browser pay you bitcoin? Brave uses its own native BAT token, to pay users for watching ads. The concept is simple, advertisers pay Brave to show their ads, and users get a share of the ad $ in BAT tokens. After you install the Uphold wallet, you will be able to convert your BAT earnings into bitcoin.

Download Brave here. 

Brave Browser free bitcoin


Fold’s primary product is a bitcoin rewards debit card. Users earn bitcoin as cashback for transactions where the card is used. For now, this feature is US only. Additionally users can buy gift cards, and get bitcoin as cashback in return. The gift cards can also be bought with bitcoin for better cashback rates. You can withdraw your bitcoin, once you reach 50,000 satoshis.

Download Fold, get free 5,000 sats, and sign up for their debit card.



sMiles is an app where you can earn free bitcoin in many ways. This includes walking (you have to give permission to access your health / geo data), playing chess, spinning a fortune wheel, and completing surveys. The app will introduce shopping with bitcoin cashback in the future too. This would make the app the all-in-one place to earn free bitcoin. You can withdraw your bitcoin earnings, once you reach only 1,000 satoshis.

The app is available on iOS and Android.



BlockFi launched in 2017, and is looked at as one of the more established players in the space. The main product is an interest bearing account, where you can deposit your bitcoin, and get up to 4% annual yield on your holdings (as long as you don’t withdraw). The rewards accumulate monthly, and compound. Additionally BlockFi is launching a bitcoin rewards credit card, with high bitcoin cashback rewards, as well as additional perks.

Sign up for BlockFi, and deposit $100 worth of bitcoin, to receive a $10 BTC bonus.


Celsius Network

The Celsius platform is similar to BlockFi, in that it gives you a yield on your BTC holdings. You can deposit your bitcoin into your Celsius account, and immediately start getting rewards. Bitcoin APY rates are higher than on BlockFi, with currently up to 6.2%. If you choose to get your rewards paid out in the Celsius token, the rate increases with more holdings. Celsius supports more crypto currencies than BlockFi, but does not yet have a credit card.

Sign up to Celsius with the code 18484669d5, deposit $400 or more in BTC, and get a $40 bitcoin bonus. 


Coinbase Earn

Coinbase is the most established exchange to buy and sell crypto. What Coinbase Earn enables users is to learn about other crypto currencies through simple online courses, and get an instant payout in that currency after completing a couple multiple choice questions. The earned crypto can then be converted into bitcoin.

Sign up for a Coinbase account, buy $100 worth of Bitcoin, and receive a $10 Bitcoin bonus.

Coinbase earn

Coinmarketcap Earn

Coinmarketcap is considered the top resource when it comes to crypto prices. What many don’t know is Coinmarketcap has a product where users can learn about specific crypto currencies, and get the currency for answering a questionnaire correctly. This is similar to Coinbase Earn. However, users will need a Coinmarketcap and a Binance account to participate.

Check out Coinmarketcap Earn here.

Coinmarketcap Earn

From Dappros Platform side and our suite of products we currently experiment with integrations with most popular crypto rewards solutions such as BAT and sMiles – stay tuned for updates there.

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