Ethora social crypto wallet React Native engine v22.07 live

v22.07 – we’re live! This is a future of Web3.

Kudos to Dappros / Ethora engine team for achieving this important milestone.

Engine is available openly on Github for developers to tinker with:

Will be submitting to iOS and Android appstores soon so you can all play with it.

Release notes


Chervona Kalyna

There has been a significant number of changes, updates and improvements during our monthly releases since the initial GitHub launch in November 2021 (and since the kick off of the development much earlier than that – we’ve been working on the platform since 2018!). We aren’t doing the best job documenting all changes in this file as they are done, however most of the code is self explanatory and we have documentation wiki available publicly here: that covers the features of the engine.

Changes/improvements of v22.07

Note: the main improvement of this major release is the code architecture.

It has come time to refactor our code and improve the performance.

In addition, we have improved the project code structure and readability to make it easier for outside developers to build their own projects on top of Ethora engine.

We are happy to say the goal has been achieved and there is a drastic improvement in the performance of the application.

Some of the changes rolled out in this release:

  • Switched to Typescript across the code
  • Switched to MobX and functional components
  • Multiple code architecture improvements, better organized Helpers, async logic etc
  • Lots of improvements around media and NFT Items. You can now play audio and video Items directly from user profiles.
  • Introduced some Chat Bots – “Hut, Hut” Bot that allows to store and release NFT items in Rooms/Spaces, “Questionnaire Bot” that allows to collect information from users, “Notary Bot” allowing to keep an immutable ledger audit trail of conversations and agreements, as well as helper bots “Mint Bot” and “Merchant Bot” that allow to mint and purchase/get NFT/NFMT Items.
  • Fixed numerous bugs and issues (caching, XMPP, Push Notifications subscriptions etc)
  • More intuitive menu
  • NFMT smart contract format for Items (our own variation and extension of ERC-1155 NFT smart contract)
  • Audio & Video calls – beta implementation
  • Server and blockchain architecture improvements allowing to better connect Users and assets across Applications, removed obstacles for L1/L2 bridging
  • Lots of other improvements
  • Starting from this release, we are going to assign a unique name to each major release. This one is called “Chervona Kalyna” (Red Viburnum) 🩸 and we devote it to the fearless defenders of Ukraine 💛💙 who are now fighting to protect its independence and freedom.

Read more about Chervona Kalyna here:

Stay tuned for future updates, some really exciting features are still coming soon in follow-up updates to this major release.

Additional details regarding updates merged into this release (information from commits, pardon the brevity):

  • d2a1a0eb – New architecture initial commit-> Chat list screen and chat screen
  • 25dcdf9a – File upload, Email Account, Profile screen, Asset, Token transfer, folder structure #71
  • a08c6cbe – caching with realm
  • e5f879a9 – Retreiving messages and transactions for cache
  • c7ac80ce – formatting
  • 10c84116 – Push notifications
  • f7ecc825 – changed transaction retreiving
  • 3a028f5c – disabled modal for current user
  • 4da1f203 – Taking messages from cache
  • d2dc05af – push route
  • 659f88bf – fixed bug with transactions from cache
  • e8116963 – packages
  • be3b0d0f – App name
  • 20798169 – Re login issues, Token transfer amount showing undefined, app icon, Direct message incomplete, Font incomplete
  • 2261bbee – Playable nfts
  • f8e5ab6e – minor UI changes, DM completed, UX needs to change
  • a9c86e35 – New mimetype for modal
  • 4e977286 – Added items sending
  • 727dc1d3 – File upload progress
  • 1e755cf3 – Added expanded state
  • 8980fb9f – added token refreshing
  • 84ecb86c – Fixed token transfer
  • d1e4acf1 – Fixed room deleting
  • 1ce1bee0 – Fixed title displaying in chat rom
  • 6a3593b0 – Fixed scanning
  • ecff425f – Added subscription to non-members chat
  • 56c3a11e – Minor fixes
  • 6950700d – audio message component
  • f39aa30b – Debug mode enabling
  • 6faab79e – Changed logs adding
  • 82de1237 – addding xmpp logs to store
  • 1d537920 – Debug screen
  • e03dfe2e – Fixed audio message
  • 10209e70 – Removed conference
  • 8559cff5 – domain
  • 046754c1 – Ui fixes
  • 7b1c788f – Major changes done
  • 7f3c4f68 – Code formatting
  • 36a45ddb – Changed key extractor
  • 53e41fb2 – Removed doubling upload percent
  • a9dc18e3 – Fixed transactions counting and fetching
  • a99ffa3e – Fixed problem with coins that not displaying
  • 4090efec – 22.07 logo
  • 1185fcc4 – Delete logo-02.png
  • 054ee5a3 – Added app version
  • 2799684e – Changed versioning format
  • 064c5255 – Fixed image resize mode
  • 6320ffeb – Share profile qr and other UI fixes
  • 5367afb3 – App version
  • 6e398c5f – Changed close button
  • c7ee2221 – Logo height
  • ee6c1f52 – Timestamp
  • 4621253f – Changed balance
  • fbd9b218 – Removed unneccessary code
  • 3557bdf6 – Changed setting async storage to normal way
  • 4ac9a2c4 – Push notifications helper
  • 97000a53 – formatting
  • 9afa6e11 – Fetch last message, avatar issue, chat room open on click push noti
  • 1250dd6b – Calcucating media height
  • 0a194063 – Added quick replies buttons
  • 79063a58 – alpha helper
  • 7bf919c0 – quick reply scheme

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