List of Games to Earn Crypto

In today’s generation, most exciting games can be understood or can be considered play-to-earn (P2E) which are mainly related to gaining cryptocurrency. This game refers to the system of earnings that allows the players and users to earn while playing those games with the help of the players’ experiences and their innovative skills. Due to the rapid increase of these kinds of gaming sites or gaming segments, huge amounts of P2E games and projects are popular day by day and attract youngsters by offering cryptocurrencies while completing the levels of games according to the nature of the games.

Games That Earns For You

Here is the list of four games that are directly involved in earning cryptocurrency while playing and completing the task:

  • Axie Infinity
  • Gods Unchained
  • Battle of Guardians
  • SplinterlandsAxie Infinity

Axie Infinity is an attractive monster-battling P2E game where the players need to enter into a group of sweet monsters named Axies which is needed to play against each other at a battleground. This game is based on blockchain where the players can also enjoy buying creative, innovative, and attractive monsters, also players can customize their monsters to give a visionary look. The reason to provide a customized platform for the users is due to the constant focus of their minds on this game. The winning champions in these battlegrounds are provided with $SLP (Smooth Love Potion, a digital currency present in Axie Infinity), that can be used by the players to invest in the marketplace of Axie Infinity or transform them into FIAT. the users can exchange SLP into cryptocurrency in a digital marketplace.

How does Axie Infinity perform?

To play the game, the players need to purchase the three Axie NFTs which help them to create their first team. These NFTs can be purchased from the official site of Axie marketplace through the user’s Ronin wallet, which will directly connect the players to the game. This game can be played on different operating systems such as Mac, iOS, Android, and PC, and can take the game into battle to get a victory reward. 


Axie Infinity has four basic features: land, breeding, battle, and marketplace. The “homeland” of Axie Infinity is known as Lunacia which is categorized into 90,601 plots of land where each of which consists of an ERC-721 token. Also, the players can purchase land plots and items such as materials or decorations which might be required for the land. The users can breed Axies to generate offspring that can be easily deployed, sold, or bred within the battle. The battle is commonly known as a “turn-based card game” where the players target their opponent to defeat in the battle, each corner made with 3 Axies. Besides, the marketplace is the platform where the users can sell or purchase the Axie on other NFT marketplace. These are directed through AXS tokens which are related to plots of land owners.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a famous trading card game based on the 2D P2E platform toward blockchain. This game is famous for its main attraction which is that it is constructive with an approach to each player as playing cards directed with the cryptocurrency. Each of the playing cards is stamped out to the Ethereum blockchain which helps the players to trade their gaming cards flawlessly by using $GODS which is considered a gaming native token coin. Gods Unchained has also integrated with PVP elements, which means the players can enjoy the battles to earn rewards. This method of gaming always attracts the players and is also a perfect gaming method to attract by building help to connect the users for a long time. 

How does God’s Unchained perform?

Gods Unchained performs like an online game plan more or less the same as other online mission games but these games carry a unique game mode that produces uniqueness from others. Gods Unchained recognized their version of earning currency which is like “Gold or Credits”.

However, these kinds of currencies help the players to earn fiat money and transform it into a more entertaining gaming environment. The currencies which are included in this game “Gold or Credits” is actual gaming money, the users can easily buy and sell those cards through the game’s marketplace and convert them into cryptocurrency. 


Gods Unchained is a massively popular game with the help of its unique style of marketing strategy and promotional strategies which directly lead to an increase in its monthly sales by connecting with many users in 2018.

It is reconsidering the gaming industry with a new and exciting play-to-earn business model, helping gamers by producing the chance to earn money in an effective economy. Games like World of Warcraft or League of Legends engage millions of players and provide facilities to earn money by playing games. Gods Unchained is majorly directed to change some gaming model quo and ensure their users the play-to-earn version is applicable in the long run. 

Battle of Guardians

Battle of Guardians is a sensational and powerful play-to-earn game presented on the Solana blockchain. These games have their uniqueness, the users can experience rich adventure due to the reason that Battle of Guardian is developed in the segment of Unreal Engine where the users can identify and find themselves in the battleground in real-time. With this gaming mode, the users can start their game with their opponents at the same time, which can encourage and motivate the players.

The users of these while playing and surviving with their unique skills of the gameplay earns “Fighting Points ($FP)” by victory against their opponents. The gaming points are directed to the players to purchase more items from the gaming marketplace or enter a tournament. Moreover, the Battle of Guardians also have tokens namely $BGS, by the help of these gaming tokens the players can upgrade their characters and give attractive or thriller looks through the use of “Synthesis”. 

How does Battle of Guardian perform?

Battle of Guardians allows the players to earn official currencies of BoG by collecting different levels of points such as Fighting points ($FP) and Battle of Guardians Share ($BGS). These dual tokens help the players to become more valuable and create the path to earning worthy rewards through tokens. 


The marketplace will become the center for users to interchange their NFT fighters, these gaming modes are also called NFT renting. The official marketplace of Battle of Guardian provides an exclusive drop for the players to their own NFTs by keeping them prepared to fight. Through the synthesis of NFT, players can easily merge the characters of NFT of the same tier and type to acquire that character with a high level of one tier. The Battle of Guardian also has the facility of a scholarship program that is traded within the internal smart contract. 


Splinterlands can be considered the same as Gods Unchained in the context that this game is based on trading cards, leveraging the technological blockchain to serve a better experience for the users or players. However, the foundation of this game is built on the “Hive blockchain” which is free for trial. Therefore, the features of this P2E game get unlocked only after the purchase of the “$10 Summoner’s Book”. In Splinterlands, the players can create a strong formation of cards and use them to compete with other players. There are also daily targets to complete the mission of the game for which the players received the reward of “Dark Energy Crystals ($DEC)”. Splinterlands is an exciting combination of creativity and innovations presented in the NFT world of gaming. 

How does Splinterlands perform?

Splinterlands come up with trade and earn in terms of game rewards for card lovers. The game is available for the platform with its flexibility means the users can enjoy playing Splinterlands by the use of their mobile phones and desktop.

Splinterlands currently provides 283+ different kinds of creative cards for their potential users, the players can easily combine them to upgrade their level and earn more rewards by completing the upgrade task. Combining the player’s one card with another card strengthens their character and presents a more unique character. 


Splinterlands has some features which lead the games and give a unique presentation, such as 

  • Splinterlands is presented with the easy steps to enter into a game. The players must have the proper knowledge about the card games because the splinterlands carry unique combinations of gaming cards which are important to upgrade the characters of the players. 
  • Splinterlands use simple and suitable tools, the reason behind this, is these tools are better visually appealing and the users can also enjoy the fluent happening while playing the games. 
  • Splinterlands battles in this game take less than 1 minute to start and play, due to the reason that the users cannot wait for too long, which leads to a boring segment and the users can easily shift the games takes so much time to start. 


List of GamesFeatures
Axie InfinityLand BreedingBattle  Marketplace
Gods UnchainedNew and exciting play to earn a business model change gaming model of quo Ensure their users play to earn a version
Battle of GuardianInterchange their NFT fighters east merge with characters of NFT The facility of a scholarship program
Splinterlands Easy steps to enter a game simple and suitable tools take less than 1 minute to start the game

These games are changing the experiences of customers and clients. Entertainment and playfulness are key attributes attracting millions of funding in these segments. Our previous blog on blockchain games will give more light on crypto games.

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