Technology: Security tokens

Dappros works on a number of projects in the area of ST (Security Tokenization) or STO (Security Token Offering). Security tokens are a new type of digital securities or equities that are powered by blockchain technology. In contrast to traditional paper-based share certificates, bonds or land titles, the security token transactions are happening online, on blockchain.

These transactions are governed by decentralized applications (smart contracts). The ownership transfer as well as any other transactions can now be easily carried out digitally and transparently. Decentralized immutable ledger ensures the transaction is transparent and cannot be reversed or modified by any gatekeeper or a malicious actor.

Easier listing, fundraising, buying and selling of securirties means lower transaction cost, higher transaction speed, better liquidity which contributes to economy growth.

Our publications on the topic of security tokens and STOs:

Title: State of security tokens software development. Link: Date: 17th April 2019.