What is BAT (Basic Attention Token)?

What is BAT (Basic Attention Token)

BAT token is a project founded by Brendan Eich who is behind Mozilla and Firefox browsers. It was launched in early 2018.

BAT token and platform are built on top of Ethereum blockchain.

Its main entry gateway and user interface currently is Brave browser which is focused on privacy and more efficient advertising.

Basic Attention Token tries to solve the problem of inefficient digital advertising by giving more ownership to content publishers and consumers. It stores information regarding consumers interaction with ads in an open decentralized ledger. It pays BAT token to publishers depending on how users engage with their content and ads, rewarding better content that is useful to end users. The users of the Brave browsers also receive BAT for their participation in the ecosystem.

BAT aims to achieve less ads for end users and to have the ads be more relevant and useful to end users. While doing so, Brave browser also protects end users privacy of their personal and browsing data.