Our report on blockchain in logistics 2018

I have researched the current state of the market in Blockchain in Logistics 2018. My findings are published on Medium here: https://medium.com/taras-filatov/blockchain-in-logistics-2018-c5c737d46dc9

Key facts:

  • over 21 partnerships and initiatives with FTSE500 companies participating in most cases
  • most platforms focusing on blockchain logistics tech are founded in 2017
  • 2 global alliances open for joining
  • 4 universal platforms and protocols active in this space

It is clear market potential for blockchain applications in Logistics sector is huge. Dappros is betting strongly on this vertical. We are already developing own products and technologies to address the needs of customers in this market.

Contact us to discuss how blockchain can be leveraged in your supply chain or logistics operations.

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