Event: Future technologies: Blockchain use cases. Doha, Qatar

Foresight and Dappros are hosting an evening of innovative technology talks around Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology covering multiple topics from logistics and supply chain to cybersecurity.

The presentations are targeting mixed audience and shall be of interest to executives and technologists who are interested to learn more about enterprise applications of blockchain technology.

Conference Overview

“Future technologies: Blockchain use cases” is the first enterprise blockchain conference taking place in Doha designed to impart implementation experiences from experts across the globe. It is focused around sharing good practices from blockchain implementations, and a deep dive on opportunities from professionals that are actively building the industry.

The event aims to support development of Qatar’s knowledge-based economy and connect technology investors, service providers and individuals passionate about decentralization and transparency.

Upcoming Event: January 31st, 2019 (Thursday)

Schedule: 4.30 PM – 6.30 PM (Doha time)

Venue: “Crimson room”, 1st floor, Millennium Plaza Hotel, Suheim Ben Hamad Street Al Sadd, Barwa Towers, Doha, Qatar

Agenda and speakers:

  • Taras Filatov (CEO, Dappros, UK), Introduction to enterprise blockchain, overview of real-world use cases and solutions
  • Tariq Gulrez (Partner, Foresight, Qatar) – Islamic Fintech and Blockchain
  • Dalitso Phiri (CEO, Principal Consultant at Gulf Bound Solutions) Cybersecurity aspects of private enterprise blockchain networks)
  • Eric Piscini (CEO, Citizen Reserve, US) – Future of supply chain with blockchain – the SUKU project [joining via teleconference]

Additional speakers and topics are being confirmed. We invite eligible speakers with real use cases from the industry to join this and future events.

Interested in sponsoring “Future technologies: Blockchain Use cases”?

The conference will be in its inaugural year in the pleasant weather of January in Doha. This conference offers a unique chance to sponsor an incredible event for people in the blockchain space to meet, learn and connect. Connections made at this event will build long term relationships for the blockchain revolution underway.

Please submit your information and we will contact you!

Why Attend?


Great opportunity to learn from entrepreneurs and innovators with hands-on experience around blockchain implementations. You will learn about Simplified implementations of the complicated Blockchain technologies.


Meet with solution providers, consulting firms and company executives to discuss the blockchain space, business implications and investment strategies etc. This is an excellent learning opportunity from world-class speakers at a premier event and will help shape your understanding of the blockchain implementations.


Executives, Managers, Developers and Project Leaders have the unique opportunity to meet with pioneers in the blockchain space and discuss their project visions with innovators.

Who’s Attending?

This event features a mix of blockchain opportunities and innovators. Doha Blockchain Conference is a partnership between the Foresight Research & Analytics and Dappros.

Register Now

The event is free to attend and we have very limited seats! Please enrol yourself at the earliest and book your seat.


Have Questions? Want to Register by Phone? Contact: [email protected] or +974 6614 2125.

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