Facebook Libra – our piece in Cayman Financial Review

Our CEO Taras Filatov has co-authored an article in Cayman Financial Review:

Facebook’s Libra – a Community of 2.4bn potential customers

The piece by Vlad Loginov (Privork, Cayman Islands) and Taras Filatov (Dappros, UK) provides a high-level overview of the crypto currency and (pseudo) blockchain network being launched by Libra Association that is headed by the powerful social network.

facebook libra article illustration Cayman Financial review

Cayman Financial Review is published in both online and hard copy versions.

Facebook Libra is a new emerging technology which is yet to be launched by Facebook. Its launch may be delayed due to regulators scrutiny. If rolled out, however, it will mean huge positive news for crypto and blockchain ecosystem. The initiative has a potential of introducing many millions of users worldwide into the world of cryptocurrencies and may disrupt conventional banking.

Taras Filatov, founder and CEO at Dappros, is an expert in enterprise software, digital transformation, blockchain and DLT technologies. He is one of the most read authors in Quora in topics such as Facebook Libra, backend-as-a-service, messaging and SaaS.


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