Blockchain Supply Chain (Trace & Track) Platform

Our system consumes data from all and any available ground truth sources, be it a GPS tracking app running on an Android phone, ERP / warehouse management software integration or a specialized IoT sensors solution supplying information on GPS location, container temperature, vibration, tampering etc.

Blockchain powered track & trace systemVia Dappros Platform API each shipment status update (location, temperature, date/time) gets synced onto blockchain.

Each party obtains immediate access to decentralized immutable ledger of shipment and transactions.

Transparency and automated audit lead to increased deal-flow, reduce disputes, facilitate better financing and insurance terms.

Through web interface dashboard, API, RPC or directly via blockchain node each party remains in control of what is happening accessing same global ledger tracking all shipments.

No gatekeepers, no backdating or revisions, immediate updates directly available for each participant.

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Taras Filatov
Taras Filatov
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