Real Estate Tokenization Platform (Security Tokens)

real estate tokenization
Real Estate Tokenization use case
  • Industry: real estate, security tokens
  • Geography: UK, US
  • Deliverables: smart contracts (token issuance, escrow funding, dividend payout), server-side code, custom web application for investors, administrators interface, Dappros platform
  • Description: Customer works with investors into commercial property. Customer has hired Dappros team for technical consulting and implementation of their own real estate tokenization platform. Among features delivered by Dappros: web portal allowing investors to sign up and pick investment properties, landing page, escrow funding smart contract (similar to “crowd-funding” model), investors “portfolio management” interface, token issuance and dividends mechanisms (smart contracts, server-side code) allowing investors to own fractions of commercial properties and forecast revenues, administrative interfaces, secondary exchange concept, etc.
Taras Filatov
Taras Filatov
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