Commodity Token / ICO web interface

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  • Industry: commodities, stable coins
  • Geography: Canada
  • Deliverables: smart contract (token sale & buy-back), server-side code, custom web application for investors, Metamask integration, administrators interface, Dappros platform
  • Description: Customer owns a public Ethereum network ERC-20 ‘stablecoin’ token linked to silver. Customer needed token sale smart contract and custom web applications covering a range of features including investors/buyers sign-up and KYC submission, token purchase, token sell back, integration of silver price feeds and ETH price feed etc as well as administrator interfaces allowing to manage users and monitor transactions. Dappros has carried all aspects of technical development and have provided the customer with advanced user management and blockchain monitoring interfaces through integration of Dappros Platform.

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_video link=”″ align=”center”][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Features architected and implemented by Dappros:

  • Full “ICO” / token offering scope web interface, Web3.js integrations and smart contracts for custom ERC-20 token buy and token sell via public Ethereum blockchain smart contracts, custom Node.js + MongoDB backend logic and Web3.js as a fully autonomous server-side application hosted at customer’s AWS EC2 instance under “app.” subdomain
  • Sign in, Sign up, Restore password functionality for end users and administrators
  • Token buy, both direct via smart contract transfer and via Metamask integration
  • Token sell / buy back, both direct via smart contract transfer and via Metamask integration
  • Check balance – internal web interface for users showing their current balance and recent transactions of the given token
  • Automated frontend and backend exchange rate calculation and verification with rate fluctuation threshold allowance
  • Front page exchange rate ticker / marquee animation
  • Edit profile interface
  • KYC documents management (user upload, replacement, notification to administrator, review by administrator)
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface guiding user step by step on Buy, Sell, Check balance and Edit profile interactions
  • External link to check transactions at Etherscan
  • Administrative interface – multi-functional Admin panel supporting the following features:
  • Adjust buy margin percentage
  • Adjust sell margin percentage
  • Modify wallet address for receiving ETH for token purchase transfers
  • Modify wallet address for receiving customers ERC-20 token for sell / buy-back transfers
  • Modify threshold value (all sell / buy-back transactions above certain volume go into sell queue to be approved by administrator; all transactions under threshold are automatically executed via smart contract / web3.js logic)
  • Sell queue (token sell / buy-back above certain threshold gets queued, administrator is notified via e-mail, and transaction is put on hold until approved or disapproved by administrator based on amounts available)
  • ETH withdraw functionality – allowing administrator to withdraw surplus ETH
  • Users list table supporting server-side stored firstname, lastname, KYC data as well as MongoDB locally cached ETH and ERC-20 token balances (for faster retrieval)
  • “Edit user” functionality for the administrator
  • “Recent transactions” web interface – fetches recent transactions by specific user or overall by given ERC-20 token, with Search and pagination functionalities
  • KYC document preview interface
  • A system of e-mail notifications for both end users and administrators issuing transactional e-mails and notifications on important system actions including receipts/attachments where required
  • Development and Production environments
  • System backups to AWS S3 storage buckets


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