Tokenized Commodity Investment & Trading System

Tokenized Commodity Investment & Trading System - buy, sell, management UI screenshots

  • Industry: commodities, stable coins
  • Geography: Canada
  • Deliverables: smart contract (token sale & buy-back), server-side code, custom web application for investors, Metamask integration, administrators interface, Dappros platform
  • Description: Customer owns a public Ethereum network ERC-20 ‘stablecoin’ token linked to silver. Customer needed token sale smart contract and custom web applications covering a range of features including investors/buyers sign-up and KYC submission, token purchase, token sell back, integration of silver price feeds and ETH price feed etc as well as administrator interfaces allowing to manage users and monitor transactions. Dappros has carried all aspects of technical development and have provided the customer with advanced user management and blockchain monitoring interfaces through integration of Dappros Platform.
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