Blockchain for legal firms (smart contracts, escrow, digital signature etc)

blockchain for legal firms - smart contracts use case - illustration

  • Industry: Legal & Law services
  • Geography: Middle East
  • Deliverables: Dappros platform (private blockchain, blockchain transactions, blockchain explorer, Users API, Tokens API, Digital Signatures, Smart Contracts)
  • Description: customers, a prominent legal firm, wanted to embrace the blockchain technology to stay ahead with innovation and offer their clients the advantages of connecting traditional legal prose with smart contracts and other blockchain/DLT technologies.
  • Dappros has prepared and worked on implementation of the concepts of blockchain powered: digital signature, KYC data storage, escrow contract, immutable ledger notary records and real-world asset tokenization framework.
Taras Filatov
Taras Filatov
Articles: 74

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