Credit Score / Transaction tracking on blockchain

blockchain credit score tracking

  • Industry: Classifieds, Business Directory, E-commerce
  • Geography: US
  • Deliverables: Dappros platform (blockchain explorer, Users API, Tokens API)
  • Description: as one of the project aspects, customers needed to develop a “credit score” system that is basically a counter and tracker of transactions involving each specific user.
  • Dappros has implemented a solution using Dappros Platform by syncing all internal trading and other interaction transactions onto blockchain. Platform API returns the number of transactions for each user which is displayed in their profile as a hyperlink number. If clicked, this opens Dappros Platform Blockchain Explorer highlighting all users transactions as stored on blockchain. This allows other users to quickly check the platform history and “reputation” of other users, promoting trust and stimulating users to build up their score by engaging more with the platform and other users.
Taras Filatov
Taras Filatov
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