Blockchain Token based Pension / Retirement Fund

  • Industry: Finance, Pensions
  • Geography: Middle East
  • Deliverables: Dappros platform (private blockchain, blockchain transactions, blockchain explorer, pension smart contract, Users API, Tokens API, enterprise SLA)
  • Description: Customer was interested to develop a blockchain powered private pension / retirement plan platform. Being blockchain powered, such platform offers the advantages of transparency, fast transactions and immediate reflection of the account status. Employee pension gets accumulated via a smart contract governed monthly transfer. Employee can check their account any time using a white labeled Dappros Platform Crypto Wallet interface.
  • Working jointly with a local integration partner, Dappros has developed the concept and solution to the problem which involved the existing Dappros Platform functionality with custom interface and project specific business logic implemented in Node.js and Solidity.

screenshot showing pension fund blockchain tokens pie charts dashboard

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