Blockchain Weekly (Token exchanges, Real Estate tokenization and CWT)

In this week’s read news on Bitcoin miners, Ethereum miners, twitter hacker arrest, and many more with comments from Dappros CEO:


  • FTX, a major derivatives player, is building a decentralized exchange. Essentially for the growing decentralized finance space on top of highly scalable chain Solana.

TF: if you’re looking to build your own blockchain tokens / crypto currency exchange, read our comparison of open-source and white label token exchanges study.

  • MakerDAO is now the first Decentralized Finance protocol to reach a billion-dollar mark in total value locked.
  • Decentralized exchange volume surged to $4.3 billion in July, breaking monthly record. The volume surge represents a 174% increase over the $1.5 billion performance in June.

:::::Digital Currencies:::::

  • The Bank of Japan has appointed notable economist Kazushige Kamiyama as the new head of a department that oversees research on central bank digital currencies.
  • The Philippine central bank has confirmed in a virtual briefing that it has formed a committee to look into issuing a digital currency.


  • Twitch doubles down on Crypto, gives subscribers 10% discount if they pay in crypto. Bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash or litecoin are available now.
  • Arthur Hayes, CEO of BitMEX, confirmed that the current state of the crypto market is bullish.
  • Binance launched a new Australian fiat-to-crypto exchange platform. It is run by a company  TravelbyBit, providing crypto payment services for the local tourist industry.
  • Coinbase, U.S.-based crypto exchange, has launched a rewards program for customers holding the dai stablecoin from popular DeFi project Maker.
  • Tether, the crypto market’s leading stablecoin, has printed $300 Million USDT to replenish the Tron Network and cryptocurrency XRP reclaims 3rd position.
  • Huobi, world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange, launches crypto asset custody platform.
  • Diginex Ltd., Hong Kong-based crypto firm, will get listed on Nasdaq in September.
  • Coinbase announces 19 new cryptocurrencies for tentative listing. The list includes a considerable amount of DeFi tokens in Ampleforth, Balancer, Kava, Curve, Band Protocol and Ocean Protocol.
  • Putin signs bill that will prohibit the use of cryptocurrencies for payment starting next year.

TF: as per our news last week seems Russia is taking the stance where crypto is allowed as an asset, but not as a payment mechanism.


  • Open interest in Ether Futures hits $1 Billion All-Time High. The total value of contracts that have not yet been settled on Ethereum futures has now surpassed the $1 billion mark for the first time.
  • Tetras Capital, a major crypto hedge fund known for shorting ETH, shutters following 75% loss. Multiple crypto-focused hedge funds closed down this year.
  • Wirecard has been implicated in a new report on alleged criminal activities by a Mastercard executive operating at the FBME bank in Cyprus.
  • Happy Birthday, Ethereum! The Ethereum ecosystem is now seeing the growth and adoption of ideas outlined more than five years ago, including many of the components of DeFi.

TF: Yay! It is still a child’s age and much more to come!


  • $27 Million worth of Bitcoin from the 2016 Bitfinex hack were mysteriously moved.
  • LocalBitcoins, one of the leading peer-to-peer exchanges, a former hub for anonymous bitcoin swaps, has added two blockchain-tracing tools from analytics company Elliptic.
  • More than 50% of bitcoins from Twitter hack have been sent through mixers.
  • CWT, prominent US travel management agency, has paid 414 BTC amounting to $4.5 million to hackers who claimed to have compromised 30,000 computers and stolen sensitive corporate data from the firm.

TF: it’s interesting that the online chat between CWT and hackers has been left open for everyone to read and one can’t help but notice the mutual respect and business-like nature of the whole transaction if you can call it that way – you may read it in this Twitter thread:

  • $1 Billion liquidated as Bitcoin price crashes by $1.4K in minutes after surging 13% in 24 hours.
  • Deutsche Bank records impressive Q2 earnings in the wake of restructuring and COVID-19 pandemic.
  • TikTok launching funds worth over $2 Billion to support its creators.

TF: As Trump puts it, TikTok is a hot brand right now with Microsoft eyeing an aquisition.

  • MoneyGram has received $15.1 million from Ripple in the second quarter of this year for providing liquidity to the company’s XRP cross-border settlement network, the On-Demand Liquidity platform.

:::::Hacker Arrest:::::

  • US authorities charge three suspects in the massive Twitter hack. A British man, a Florida man, and a Florida teen have been arrested in California.
  • Chinese police have arrested 27 primary suspects thought to be responsible for running the massive billion-dollar Plus Token Ponzi scheme.


  • The World Stablecoin Association has been launched in Geneva by stablecoin-focused crypto exchange, VirgoX and blockchain capital markets firm, Global Digital Assets.
  • The Netherlands’ financial regulator has approved the blockchain-powered real estate crowdfunding platform Max Crowfund.

TF: Great news for the industry. Dappros has developed a blockchain engine for real estate crowd-funded tokenization in a similar project.

  • Coinbase pushes DeFi narrative by considering listing Balancer, Curve, and AMPL.
  • Zeus Capital LLP doubles down on their Chainlink FUD. The firm says it will not back down from its claims as it releases another report that proves its earlier statement that Chainlink is still a pump and dump scheme.
  • Uniswap does a third of Coinbase volumes while “Tendies” tokens surge. Uniswap posted record volumes on Friday with over $155 million in total volume.
  • Major Chinese banks bar customers from buying gold and other precious metals.

Ref: VYSYN Capital News-Telegram and other public sources

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