Blockchain Industry Update(Patrick Mahomes, Deutsche Bank,PowerKee, The central bank of Japan)

Quick update of this week on the blockchain Industry as below;


  • American Footballer Patrick Mahomes’ NFT Collection rakes in $3.7 Million.


  • Deutsche Bank says Bitcoin too big to ignore after shattering $1,000,000,000,000 market cap.
  • Coinbase delays its public listing on Nasdaq after CFTC’s $6.5 million fine.
  • Meitu Inc, Chinese Technology Firm, revealed that it had acquired additional BTC and Ether. The tech company unveiled another purchase of 386 BTC and 16000 ETH worth about $21.6M and $28.4M respectively.


  • The central bank of Japan is set to begin experimenting with its central bank digital currency later this year, following the lead of China and other countries.
  • SelfKey gains 450% after DeFi pivot and data management upgrades. The rollout of new identity management platforms and a pivot toward DeFi appear to have triggered a 450% in the price of SelfKey.


  • PowerKee updates community about Development. Latest Bastion of Privacy released today. PowerKee is a full privacy eco system which will launch with a live mainnet and a native token at a market cap of $85K.
  • Nigeria’s central bank not discouraging people from trading crypto, says the governor. The governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria has seemingly softened his stance on crypto for individuals, if not banks.
  • Bytetree Founder believes Grayscale should lower its unrealistically high fee. Warns of possible systemic risk.

Credit: Telegram VYSYN – Capital News

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