How to Create a Web3 WhatsApp / Telegram Clone – instant messaging in 2022

The business opportunities circling the messaging apps are increasing every day, if not every hour. Individual entrepreneurs, small to medium businesses, and startups find texting apps more and more lucrative as a business proposition.

The most remarkable success story of messaging app was Facebook buying WhatsApp for $21.8 billion, which is a 36% premium than the developers’ asking price.

If you want to create a similar messaging app, Dappros has the right solution for you. As the trend to clone the globally successful texting apps increases, this is an excellent opportunity for your business to start prototyping a messaging app. We are a reasonably experienced company that provides app development services. Dappros can significantly minimize your texting app development cost. Goldenkey, a multi-purpose messaging app that we developed for one of our clients, has been a huge success.

The Advantages of Prototyping Messaging App through Cloning

Dappros is a seasoned app development company that can cater to your app development needs through cloning and starting from scratch. You enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Save Time, Resources and Launch Product Faster

If we consider the Covid-19 pandemic year, corporates and enterprises needed quick implementation of remote work technology. Those businesses earned the maximum revenue from software solutions for WFH (Work from Home) within a few days.

While you are researching, more and more users are joining your competitors’ apps. To compete in today’s chat messaging ecosystem, you need to launch the product as soon as possible. You can, however, go through the Agile software development framework for continued development.

  1. Choose the Business Model that Delivers Result

Dappros has the vast experience required to offer you a successful business model and drive revenue generation. We can help you get started with instant app monetization through in-app purchases, paid premium features, advertising, and P2P payments.

We offer the best monetizable framework through extensive market research of your customers and competitors.

Our app cloning project can add value to your messaging app through the implementation of exclusive features. Users will come to look for your text messaging app over your competitors. Dappros has a proven app development trade secret that guarantees exemplary performance.

  1. Develop and Publish a Feature-Rich App

Learn features from your competitors and improvise them. Also, add more features through an in-depth market survey. This blueprint will allow your business to ace in the messaging apps market.

  1. Generate ROI While Following the Right Path

Investments in businesses are highly precious and these call for insurance of the principal. You can safeguard your initial resources by following a proven path rather than discovering an entirely new ecosystem.

Dappros can help you publish a successful texting app to answer the current demand while you can brainstorm on novel features that you want to add in the future.

The Best Messaging App that Can Show the Path to Success

Dappros suggests that you can come up with a profitable messaging app concept that will contain all of the following features:

  1. Features of Telegram App
  • Easy transmission of big files and support for almost all file types
  • Group admins for group chats
  • 24/7 seamless notification
  • Self-destruction of texts or media at users’ will
  • Photos filter
  • Truly end-to-end encryption
  • Cloud storage for texts and multimedia
  1. Features of WhatsApp
  • Core messaging system
  • Auto push messaging option
  • Transmission of a wide variety of media files between users
  • Free video and voice calls
  • Advanced user settings
  • Web and desktop compatibility
  • Message delivery notification
  1. Advanced Must-Have Features that Dappros Suggests
  • Implement Chabot to allow premium features in the app. It will be a worthy monetizable feature.
  • P2P Payments can make your app more monetizable.
  • E-Commerce solution can monetize the enormous traffic that will interact with your app. You can push more revenue-generating ads. Also, integrate one-click checkout to earn extra on purchases from third-party sites through your app.
  • Corporate users prefer the pre-scheduled texting feature. Implement this to invite more traffic to your app.
  • Integrate app personalization features like chat background, color, font type, profile picture, status messages, etc., to grab user’s attention.
  • Introduce advanced features like live streaming, slide shows, and image editing to attract more users from the business community.

The Technical Knowledge behind Chat App Development Projects

The app cloning project will demand the most critical technical skills, knowledge, and management attitudes.

  1. Coding Technical Features for the Users and Admins

A successful, revenue-oriented, and sustainable messaging app must have the followings for its users:

  • An easy but secure sign-up panel.
  • The ability to sync contacts from the smartphone.
  • Option to create and join group chats.
  • End-to-end encryption to protect privacy.
  • Sharing location, going on live video, streaming live gaming, etc.
  • Share useful data through FTP.
  • Activate or mute notifications, delete messages, filter photographs or videos will be added advantages.
  • Block or report users or groups.

While users will enjoy more features, for the admins, it’s time to start the work. Admins will need significant app access. By complying with GDPR policies, such access will help the business spread its footprint. Admins should have the following options:

  • A secure admin log-in interface on the web or mobile.
  • Get business insights through analytics and reporting.
  • Manage users through granting or revoking specific access to the app.
  • Ability to send push notifications and service emails.
  1. Other Technical Attributes

Dappros team of app development specialist suggests that the following options are must-haves for your text app:

  • The app to be launched on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Browser-based online portal, Windows app, Blackberry app, Wear OS, etc.
  • To minimize multi-platform development costs, Dappros can also help you in designing your project through React Native.
  • Allow users to create multiple accounts, link their all accounts, and link friends & family.
  • Program and include AI-driven chatbots in the messaging apps. These bots will maximize your earnings from P2P payments, in-app purchases, gaming events, consumer durables, promotional campaigns, and eCommerce brand awareness advertisements.
  • Implement cloud storage rather than local storage. Cloud storage will allow universal accessibility of accounts from any place and any device.
  • Integrate advanced, high volume FTP feature so that users can share larger files among themselves. It will increase your app’s reliability and usefulness among the users and give you an edge over competitors.
  • Allow cross-platform and social media integration to get automatic product exposure in other industries, markets, and consumer products. It will generate more monetizable data and leads.
  1. The Technology Stack

Knowing the technology stack is unavoidable when you are gearing up to start a text app prototyping project. Here are the crucial technologies that developers use when coding a chat app:

  1. Telegram

The various programming language that makes Telegram work are:

  • Java and JavaScript
  • Android SDK by Google
  • Objective C from Apple
  • C Programming Language by Dennis Ritchie
  • C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup
  • Cocoa Touch platform from Apple
  • Market
  1. WhatsApp

Followings are the pillars through which WhatsApp is standing high globally:

  • The app supports many OS like Android, iOS, Windows, etc.
  • Earlang is the core programming language
  • The app is built on Mnesia database platform
  • For messaging, it uses XMPP protocol
  • The server is based on ejabbered
  1. The Software Communication Protocols in Use

Choosing the right kind of communication protocol is the key to a seamless and latency-free user experience. Followings are the three communication protocols that the industry specialist widely use:

  1. XMPP or Extensible Messaging Presence Protocol
  • It is an open communication protocol that facilitates chat app services like presence information, contact list, and instant messaging.
  • This protocol supports a high-level push message mechanism.
  • SASL (Simple Authentication and Security Layer) provides data encryption within the XMPP protocol.
  • Programmers need to set up the text delivery confirmation feature manually for XMPP-based texting apps.
  1. MQTT or Message Queuing Telemetry Transport
  • MQTT protocol is widely known for its use in IoT devices.
  • It works on TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol and Internet protocol) rules and connects nodes to the server through TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol.
  • MQTT Message Brokers are high-level technology features for facilitating publish/subscribe, authorization, and authentication to queue.
  • MQTT, along with MQTT Message Brokers, facilitate the group chat service and quite complicated to implement.
  1. WebSockets
  • This protocol allows continuous bi-directional information exchange between the node (clients) and the server.
  • WebSockets offer the fastest message delivery and consume fewer resources while doing so.
  1. Setting up a Prototype Development Project

The prototyping project should be divided into two considerations as follows:

  • The inception of a Revenue and Entertainment Concept
  • Extensive Market Research
  • Design Outstanding UX/UI
  • Develop the Prototype Messaging App
  • Quality Assurance
  • Release the Prototype for Beta-testing

Dappros follows Agile and Scrum for efficient messaging app prototype development, testing, and final consumer app release. Through this planned cycle, more enhancements are possible for your business or entertainment texting app.

For any successful project, there should be a team. Dappros emphasizes on Agile team framework. Our app development team consists of a cross-functional group of 6 to 10 experts. They define, develop, test, and deliver values to your app development project through incremental short time sprints. An ideal app development team will have the following participants:

  • UI/UX designer to produce interactive and user-friendly app interface
  • App developers who will work on Android, iOS, and React Native app development
  • Q&A manager to test the code and edit it as necessary to get rid of all the bugs
  • The marketing specialist will interact with users and the development team to devise a marketing strategy
  • A project manager who will work as a bridge for the successful conceptualization to release of a chat app

The Goldenkey Story from Dappros

GK Connect is a versatile and modern app developed by Dappros. It is a feature-rich app and highly successful in the iPhone and Android marketplaces. Some of its novel features are:

  • Social media sign-in
  • Intuitive tutorials
  • Highly diverse chat rooms
  • A core instant messaging feature
  • Customizable user profile
  • P2P GK coin transactions through the Blockchain protocol
  • Appreciate and reward others through GK coins
  • Share rooms through QR codes
  • Manage all of the email accounts in one place

Web3 as the future of communication platforms

Communication is a core need for an individual human, society and mankind. Instant messaging, OTT communication, video calling tech have made it easy for us to connect instantly and maintain such connections. Social networking and messaging engines have unified these achievements bringing it all together. The effects of these technologies have been significantly amplified during web2.0 movement. Now web3 is taking things to yet another level by allowing users not only contribute content, but also participate in ownership, DAO governance and monetization. This allows to achieve better fairness, decentralization and boosts the creation and growth of new types of social economies and thriving ecosystems.

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