Popular Blockchain Development Companies in Washington and Baltimore

The state of Washington and the city of Baltimore are becoming the most active regions for blockchain-based ventures. The state’s economy consists of aeronautical industries, transportation equipment, heavy transport manufacturing, shipbuilding, food processing, metal manufacturing, etc. Therefore, to provide high-tech technology for these sectors, you can offer blockchain-based fintech, data security, payment processing, and supply chain management systems. 

Popular Washington Cities for Blockchain Development Opportunities

Blockchain development companies are growing throughout the Washington state and the city of Baltimore. However, for Washington state, you will notice that more opportunities are available around the following top five cities of the state: 

1. Seattle

Seattle-Washington State

Seattle is a well-developed seaport on the west coast of Washington state, USA. Seattle is also the administrative center of King County, Washington state. The USA Census Bureau reported that the total resident count of the city is 753,675 as per 2019 census data. 

As per the container processing data of 2015, Seattle is the fourth-largest port in North America. After World War II, the city of Seattle saw advancements in growth due to Boeing. The aerospace company made Seattle a hub for aircraft manufacturing. Later on, companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Alaska Airlines, Nintendo of America, etc., flourished its technological growth. 

A group of experts says that the city has a temperate climate, characteristics of the Mediterranean zone. Other claim that it falls within the oceanic zone. However, in the winter, the region is cold and wet. Whereas in summer, it is dry and mildly hot. 

2. Spokane

Spokane-Washington State

Spokane is the administrative center for Spokane County, Washington, USA. It is an eastern Washington region located at the Rocky Mountain foothills. The territory got its name from the Spokane River flowing along with the city. 

The estimated Spokane city population is 222,081, and for the Spokane Metropolitan Area, it is 573,493, as per the 2019 census. A dry summer continental climate is characteristic of the Spokane region. 

The region is a highly active hub for businesses, like manufacturing, commercial services, transportation, and railway-based shipping. You will also see well-developed sectors like medical, entertainment, and shopping supporting the region. 

3. Tacoma

Tacoma-Washington State

Tacoma is an urban port city and also the administrative center for Pierce County, Washington, USA. The city is also the business activity center for the South Sound territory. South Sound region has an estimated population of 10,00,000. However, the population of Tacoma city is 191,704 as per the 2010 census. The climate of Tacom resembles a warm-summer Mediterranean climate. 

The city is the home of many international enterprises like True Blue Inc., Simpson, Roman Meal, Brown & Haley, Mars, Incorporated, etc. U.S. Oil and Refining has an operational plant in the Port of Tacoma. MultiCare Health System is one of the major health care services providers in the region. The USA military installation, Joint Base Lewis–McChord, is the largest employer of the Tacoma region. 

4. Vancouver

Vancouver-Washington State

On the north bank of the river Columbia lies the city of Vancouver. It is also in the territory of Clark County, Washington, USA. As per the census data of 2020, the population of the city is 186,192. The city is also a Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area and the administrative center for Clark County. 

The city is based out of the Western Lowlands region of Washington state. The climate of this region resembles a warm-summer Mediterranean climate. Area-wise, the city is 49.86 square miles, of which water covers 3.4 square miles, and the rest 46.46 square miles area is land. 

Large businesses, like the Port of Vancouver USA, BNSF Railway, PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, Nautilus, Inc., Papa Murphy’s Pizza, and ZoomInfo are based in Vancouver. 

5. Bellevue

Bellevue-Washington State

Bellevue and Seattle are closely situated cities and separated by lake Washington. Seattle metropolitan area consists of the Bellevue city region. A 2019 census estimate suggests that the city could have up to 148,164 citizens. 

The total area of Bellevue is 36.47 square miles, out of which 31.97 square miles is land area and the rest 4.50 square miles is water bodies. 

Companies like PACCAR Inc, Valve, T-Mobile, and Amazon originated in Bellevue. Other large employers are Microsoft, Overlake Hospital, Bellevue School District, City of Bellevue, Concur, Symetra Financial, and Salesforce. 

Blockchain Development Opportunities in Baltimore

Baltimore City-MD

Baltimore is a city in the state of Maryland, USA. It is the most populous city of the state, and as per the 2020 census, its population is approximately 586,131. It is also an independent city as per the Constitution of Maryland. 

The region exhibits cool winters, long & hot summers, peak precipitation in summer, and therefore characteristics of a humid subtropical climate. 

Big businesses in the region are BRT Laboratories, Legg Mason, Cordish Company, McCormick & Company, Royal Farms, T. Rowe Price, American Sugar Refining, etc.

Blockchain Development Companies in Washington

Blockchain Companies in WA DC & Baltimore

The most sought-after question is, what are the blockchain companies and projects? This section will provide you well-researched information that can aid your blockchain-based business planning in the following cities: 

1. Blockchain Companies in Seattle


A. Coinme: Coinme is the first provider of Bitcoin ATMs in Seattle in 2014. Coinme has a digital wallet through which people can invest securely in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The company claims that its ATMs are much safer and trusted than any other online platform, which can be confusing for the new entrants in cryptocurrency investments. 

Transparent Systems-Seattle

B. Transparent Systems: Transparent Systems is into B2B payments and financial settlements. They are developing technology that will revolutionize these sectors. Their main projects of blockchain developments are with secure APIs, distributed cryptographic systems, and open-source blockchain platforms. Xand is their latest blockchain-based payment platform. 

Mythical Games-Seattle

C. Mythical Games: The company is investing its capital and resources into the EISIO blockchain. They believe that this blockchain system will be the foundation for the next-generation gaming experience. Blockchain with NFT will ensure digital ownership to developers, players, and content creators (user-generated content). Its products will pave the way for global acceptance of distributed ledger technology through multimedia and online gaming. 


D. Drift: The company is aiming to modernize the power industry by matching renewable energy with blockchain technology. It has clients from solar, wind, hydroelectric, and electricity storage sectors. 

2. Blockchain Companies in Spokane


A. H-Source: The company provides health care services procurement facility. It also works with its clients in the health care business to optimize operations and improve performance through blockchain technology. Product to patient blockchain systems is one of its major offerings. 

The companies blockchain solution helps the health care services companies to battle counterfeit products. Its systems also ensure proper tracking of drugs and consumables for the health care sector. 


B. Coin Shark: Coin Shark is an information portal for all of the blockchain technologies you can imagine. It brings you high-quality data on trading, rating of crypto-exchanges, blockchain technologies, cybersecurity, analytics, and rates of cryptocurrencies. 

3. Blockchain Companies in Tacoma

Topia Technology-Tacoma

A. Topia Technology: The company provides military-grade data security to large enterprises like the FAA, The USA Army, TSA, and USAF trust Topia Technology with their mission-critical data. Secrata and Sherpa are the two high-tech software from Topia Technology that unites blockchain technology with data security. 


B. CoinFlip: CoinFlip operates multiple Bitcoin ATMs in Tacoma. The company makes it easier for investors to deal in cryptocurrencies via card, bank transfer, or cash. It is one of the industry leaders in the Bitcoin ATM and offers speedy, simple, and safe crypto ATM services. 

4. Blockchain Companies in Vancouver


A. Venzee: Venzee’s AI software based on blockchain mitigates the paint-point of inventory management. Venzee’s supply chain and inventory management offerings will revolutionize vendor-retailer relationships. The clients get access to programs that automatically take care of supply chain data and maintains adequate inventory. 

Hive Technologies-Vancouver

B. Hive Technologies: It is the world’s first publicly listed crypto miner. Toronto Venture Exchange listed the company in 2017 under the exchange symbol HIVE. Hive Technologies relies on 100% renewable energy for cryptocurrencies mining, like Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Through its HODL strategy, it aims at bringing the blockchain and crypto to traditional capital markets. 

5. Blockchain Companies in Bellevue


A. Dragonchain: The company claims it is the most flexible and secure blockchain platform on earth. Dragonchain offers scalable and flexible blockchain application development platforms to enterprises and startups. It offers ready-made blockchain solutions for Learning Management System, Anti-Fraud and Compliance, Decentralized Identity, FinTech Compliance, Smart Contracts, and Proof of Transactions. 


A. POSaBIT: The company develops physical portals that connect the client to blockchain systems. POSaBIT’s primary offering is a point-of-sale system that is ready to accept cryptocurrency in the form of payment. The company also has a digital wallet for consumers who wants to purchase cryptocurrency and then transact in retail shops. 

RChain Cooperative-Bellevue

A. RChain Cooperative: The company mainly aims at building blockchain technology that can make crypto transactions and processing much faster. At present, Visa processes 24000 transactions in a second, but Bitcoin is barely touching the double digits. RChain Cooperative applies CBC-Casper proof of stake + rholang. The aim at becoming the most widely used and powerful smart contract service facilitator.

6. Blockchain Companies in Baltimore

Armory Technologies-Baltimore

A. Armory Technologies, Inc.: The company offers cryptocurrency wallets with Cold Storage and Multi-Signature support systems. The entity aims at developing the most secure Bitcoin wallet. 


B. Linkgear: Linkgear’s Data is a real-time, scalable, data-sharing platform based on blockchain. The program focuses on blockchain interoperability and cross-platform asset transfer. The company is currently beta testing the program in the health care sector. 

Cash Stash-Baltimore

C. Cash Stash: CashStash provides peer-to-peer money transfer through blockchain technology, making it cheaper and safer than other existing platforms. The payment functionality will soon be available for businesses as well. It also has its own crypto coin: CSH Coin. 

Blockchain Technology Events in Washington and Baltimore

Blockchain enthusiasts and business opportunity seekers should watch out for the following upcoming bog events: 

1. The Blockchain Expo North America is going to happen on 29-30 September 2021. You can attend this virtual expo from any smartphone or computer device. To register yourself, visit the request to attend link. 

2. Watch out for the 2021 Black Blockchain Summit in Howard University, 2400 6th Street NW, Washington, DC 20059, United States. Schedule of the event: Fri, Sep 24, 2021, 8:00 AM to Sat, Sep 25, 2021, 7:00 PM EDT.

3. You can also attend this virtual workshop on Develop a Successful Blockchain Tech Startup Business Today

4. The “Digital Economy Investment Summit” is also going to be a trending event. The schedule is Fri, October 1, 2021, from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM EDT. The venue will be National Press Club, 529 14th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20045, United States.

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