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The blockchain and Crypto Industry is constantly pumped up with billions of dollar funds. 2021 Q.4 is the witness of fundraising for various rounds. Check out who is funding and how much they are pouring…


  • Huobi Group is moving to Gibraltar following China crackdown. Huobi Gibraltar has already secured the necessary licenses from local authorities.
  • Miami mayor plans to accept next paycheck entirely in Bitcoin. The mayor said he would prefer to use an app like Bitwage or Strike rather than having the local government convert his fiat paycheck into crypto.
  • Marathon Digital stock reaches 6-year high as company HODLs $460M Bitcoin. The mining firm said it expects its fleet of 133,000 miners to produce a hash rate of roughly 13.3 EH/s by 2023.
  • Square reports $1.81B in Bitcoin Revenue and reveals plan to increase crypto offerings. The company’s bitcoin revenue was an 11% increase year-over-year. Bitcoin gross profit was $42 million, approximately 2% of bitcoin revenue.
  • Bitcoin whale selling jumps while BTC price holds $60K and buyers snap up supply. Demand is keeping up with increasing activity from whales this week, the latest data confirms.
  • Tampa mayor to accept pay in Bitcoin. The news came mere days after Miami Mayor Francis Suarez announced that he’s going to take his next paycheck entirely in BTC.
  • Regulators are coming for stablecoins, but what should they start with? Regulators are coming for stablecoins, and the best place to start is with transparency standards for collateral and financial activities.
  • Meme tokens and dog coins flood the market as price wars heat up. Memecoins are gaining more popularity and traction as the long-term upside seems very limited amid the flooded market.


  • Mastercard launches crypto-linked cards across Asia-Pacific. From CBDCs to payments and up to crypto forensics, Mastercard has been highly active in the digital currency market.
  • BlockFi files for physically backed Bitcoin ETF. The Securities and Exchange Commission is scheduled to rule on another spot Bitcoin ETF application from VanEck by Nov. 14.
  • Brave to integrate with Solana blockchain on its privacy-enabled browser. More than 42 million Brave users will soon be able to access Solana dApps within Brave.
  • Nakamoto Games Updates $NAKA Release Schedule. Strategic investors are now subject to a release model that promotes healthy tokenomics.
  • Sanctor Capital launches $20M fund to bootstrap GameFi and DeFi projects.
  • Nakamoto Games unveils further NAKAVERSE insights and the first footage. The NAKAVERSE gives investors the opportunity to participate in immersive gaming environments that hold sizable in-game economies.
  • Gaming startup Mythical Games raises $150 million in Series C round led by a16z.
  • Nakamoto Games Duck Hunter receives exemplary feedback from beta testers. Nakamoto Games is thrilled to publicly release feedback from the 40 beta testers.
  • Solana Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners and FTX launch $100M gaming fund. The intersection between blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and gaming is creating a new reality for gamers.
  • EU central banks working on DLT-based asset settlement. Banca d’Italia and Deutsche Bundesbank shared experiences on distributed ledger technology-based settlements in a workshop.

Crypto Currency

  • Siam Commercial Bank purchases  51% stake in crypto exchange Bitkub. CEO Arthit Nanthawittaya said the acquisition was based on the growth of businesses in the digital asset space over the last two years and the expected value in the long term.
  • Nakamoto Games has been featured on Crypto Banter, the World’s Fastest Growing Crypto YouTube Channel. Nakamoto Games builds a P2E ecosystem which goes live this month. The first play to earn game is Duck Hunter.
  • Singapore to position itself as global crypto center. Singapore is aggressively pursuing policies that will help the cryptocurrency sector grow.
  • US senator submits resolution to allow crypto payments in Capitol Complex. The proposal, called the ACCEPT Resolution, would apply to gift shops, vending machines and restaurants.
  • Hong Kong regulator re-evaluates retail crypto ETFs laws. The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong has received many requests to approve crypto ETFs for trading.
  • AscendEX completes $50 million Series B round led by Polychain and Hack VC.
  • MetaMask integrates with Bitfinex Pay amid growing demand for crypto payments. MetaMask has played a pivotal role in onboarding millions of new users to the cryptocurrency and decentralized finance markets.
  • Solana surpasses Cardano, Tether to become fourth-biggest crypto worth $76B. SOL price reached another record high on Nov. 7, bringing its YTD gains up by 175x.
  • Kazakhstan’s ruling body wants to reduce the risks of criminal financial activities in the country by enforcing crypto regulations.


  • Layer-2 and multi-chain DeFi platforms see record inflows as Ethereum fees soar. Since October, Multi-chain compatible DeFi platforms saw record inflows as investors and developers attempted to avoid the Ethereum network due to soaring gas fees.


  • NFT Tech User Incentive Campaign Kicked-Off NFT Tech’s latest campaign kicked off yesterday and the project’s marketplace grew heavily. Many artists came over to create NFT’s to participate in the campaign.

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