NFMT – “Never Forget” Memory Token

We have created a new open-source NFT format, which I called “NFMT” (“Never Forget” Memory / Meme Token).

The motivation behind the project is to be able with just one smart contract to simultaneously:

1) facilitate fundraising for volunteers / NGOs / charitable foundations through cryptocurrency (ETH mainly in our case). Small volunteers, artists, etc can create their own contracts with their own parameters, which previously wasn’t accessible to them.

2) create a digital collectible – a memory token that will automatically go to philanthropists (those people who donate).

NFMT smart contract
NFMT open source smart contract available for review at Github <a href=httpsgithubcomdapprosnfmtblobmaincontractscontractsNFMTsol>httpsgithubcomdapprosnfmtblobmaincontractscontractsNFMTsol<a>

The contract is very simple and is based on the ERC-1155 standard.

The main differences from the typical widespread NFT contracts are:

  • can be minted for free + the user chooses the optional level of the donation
  • Donation is automatically credited to the balance of the charitable foundations with no gatekeepers or processor intermediaries
  • any user (not only the administrator) can order a withdrawal from charities
Example of NFMT collection structure available NFT classes including the free Bronze one their prices required donation levels and the estimatedplanned total amount to be raised by such NFT collection if sold out

Now we are looking for the first 1-3 mini-projects with which to test-run this format.

We will prepare and launch your NFT and make sure that everything is free (Dappros will pay for the customization of the smart contract for your need, deployment, gas fees, consult, configure on OpenSea, etc, testnet launch, launch or help you launch into production (Ethereum mainnet), etc). We will not charge any commission on donations or other payments. We will make a video/text manual based on your example so that other projects can do the same on their own.

If you are a mini-project interested in this here is what’s needed from your end – and it’s very simple:

  • Art – it can be a picture, a photo, a section, or a sound recording. The main thing is that you are the owner or have the right to use it for online publishing.
  • ETH wallet or wallet addresses where you want the funds to be sent. You can specify one or more wallets and the proportions for each.

Example N1:
An artist has created an art object and wants to sell it in NFT format so that the money goes to the charity he/she wants to support. It is very easy on the basis of our contract to launch such an NFT collection in minutes on your own or with our help.

Example N2:
Volunteers raise money for an item or a pack of supplies needed – you can take a picture of what you are planning to buy, specify in the parameters the number and value of tokens to collect a specific amount, and go ahead – every NFT owner will know and see in his wallet a memory – a digital collectible copy of things they helped to buy.

The Dappros team invites collaborations around the NFMT token smart contract!

You can ask questions and get involved in the project here in the comments or in the comments/issues on the GitHub:

Taras Filatov
Taras Filatov
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