Most popular open source NFT projects on Github in 2023

NFTs and their popularity

The open source NFT is gaining popularity more than ever. Collins dictionary has been sticking to the digital trend and picked NFT as the word of the year. It defines NFT as: “a unique digital certificate that is used to record the ownership of any digital asset such as an artwork or a collectible and is registered in a blockchain“.

The sales volume of NFTs surged from $1.2 billion in Quarter 1 of the year 2021 to $10.7 billion in Quarter 3 of the year 2021 as per the data from market tracker DappRadar. OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace currently with 1.4 billion in September 2021. Public attention toward NFTs has exploded in the year 2021 experiencing record sales.

Definition: an NFT marketplace is the gateway for participating in the sale and purchase of digital assets right from art to music to the entire virtual universe. One can compare NFT marketplaces to the Amazon of the digital realm. The number of buyers in the NFT marketplaces is estimated at more than 30 thousand unique wallets that bought NFTs from popular marketplaces.

Why (and when) to use open source NFT projects

Even with the growing popularity of NFTs as a new digital medium and a boosting market allowing creators and artists to get direct exposure with the buyers, there is a lack of tools and educational materials for businesses and software developers who are looking to integrate NFT technology as part of their products or business operations.

For sure, top NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare often provide tools allowing creators to “mint” (create) NFT collections from scratch using their web interface or mobile app. This solves part of the problem addressing the most simple use cases and cementing the role of large marketplaces as entry gateways for creating NFTs as well. That however is simply not enough and does not help to implement the main idea behind decentralized digital assets. The smart contracts and standards behind NFT such, for example, as ERC-721 and ERC-1155 on Ethereum and EVM compatible blockchains, have been designed in a way that they can be created and modified by anyone. These smart contract can be further developed including custom features specific to required use cases without breaking the compatibility with the standard. In simple words, this means:

a) any person or a program can mint (create) NFTs

b) you can use any 3rd party app or software including your own apps and your own business processes to mint NFTs

c) any NFTs irrespective of where and how they are created, will be compatible and freely transferrable globally, as long as they adhere to the main standard.

Elaborating a bit further by way of examples:

Example 1 – NFTs for academy certificates: you run a social network for academia and students. You implement educational certificates as NFTs. Once a student passes a test, a certificate is minted which can be “soul-bound” or simply include their name. You display the certificate in the profile of the user in your ecosystem, however the user can also display such NFT outside your ecosystem in 3rd party applications such as crypto wallets.

Example 2 – NFTs for loyalty program: as a retail chain, you create a loyalty & rewards mobile app and reward your users with NFTs once they achieve a certain volume of purchases. Unlike conventional loyalty programs, you have chosen an open ERC-1155 based NFT smart contract so that these loyalty NFTs can be transferrable. This means your clients can go and sell such NFT discount cards anywhere they want including OpenSea and similar marketplaces.

Example 3 – NFT in gaming: mint an NFT inside a game or a gamified application once user purchases, wins or otherwise gains a certain item. When holding such NFT, user will receive in-game or in-app benefits (for example, faster speed for their character), at the same time the user is also free to take such item and trade it externally on any marketplace, making your gaming item globally tradable.

These are some of the simple and non-exhaustive examples of possible applications whereby you can see that to unlock the true potential of this market and to enable all projects and applications to benefit from NFT technology, the following should be achieved:

  1. It should be easy for any business, startup or developer to integrate NFT creation into their existing or new applications, within their interfaces, where they define the rules of the game and not the large marketplaces.
  2. Businesses and app developers will benefit from tools allowing them to make NFTs parts of their existing experiences for their end users, including displaying, trading or transferring them, using them to modify or unlock certain features etc, within existing applications. N.B. this should start with an ability to integrate the features of a crypto wallet into your app – i.e. allow users to sign in with metamask and for your application to query the existing NFTs in their wallet (and/or the possible mutable parameters of such NFTs).

What is the best way to go about this for projects and developers who don’t necessarily have experience, time or willingness to study and write a good quality and secure Solidity code, fiddle with all the web3.js libraries, oracles and gateway APIs to make it all happen?

Fortunately, there is a growing number of NFT focused open-source and/or low-code projects with their code openly available on Github which you can use!

N.B. due to reasons mentioned above, at Dappros we pay a lot of attention to researching the open-source and low code web3 applications toolset as well as of course building our own tools, freely available to the ecosystem, the Ethora ‘web3 super app’ (client) and Dappros Platform (server). We recommend you also check out our “low code web3 apps” category for our latest posts on this topic.

In this publication we attempt to list the most useful and/or important open-source NFT projects that enable some of the above mentioned functions for you.

List of open source NFT projects

Last updated: 4th January 2023

Title: Metaplex

Platforms: iOS, Android, Web

Blockchain: Solana

Github repo:

Metaplex is a Solana-powered decentralized protocol paired with an open-source web framework. It allows artists and creators to launch their own NFT storefronts. These NFT storefronts are self-hosted and can be built as easily as a website. It empowers creators and brands to build a direct relationship with their audience. Metaplex-powered NFTs engage and provide utilities to decentralized communities everywhere.

It allows the creation and minting of NFTs in a standard way across wallets and applications. The Metaplex NFT consists of two components. One of them is an on-chain program and the other one is a self-hosted front-end web2 application.

The Solana Program Library (SPL) includes Metaplex’s NFT standard. It can be characterized with a fixed supply of 1 and 0 decimals as a unique token.

NFT on Solana very is complex as compared to NFT on Ethereum. But Solana currently is one of the cheapest and fastest blockchains and thus is attracting large numbers of users. NFT structure on Solana is different from that of Ethereum but users adoption is growing so it is worth mentioning.

Title: Bytom

Platforms: Java, JS, Python

Blockchain: own protocol

Github repo:

Bytom is an interactive protocol that is a multi-bit asset. There are different forms of heterogenous bit assets like native digital currency and digital assets and atomic assets like warrants, equity, dividends, bonds, and forecast information that are running on Bytom blockchain and can be registered, exchanged, and many more complex operations based on contracts.

Bytom connects the bit world with the atomic world.  It allows the interaction and circulation of assets between the two worlds. Bytom provides a one-stop NFT platform that provides everything right from NFT minting, authorization, and adaption to trading functions. This helps the NFT on the blockchain to represent real-world non-standard assets. The NFT marketplace is low cost with low barriers to entry and friendly to artists and collectors.  

Users can easily issue NFT assets on Bytom using Bytom’s UTXO model. This lowers the entry barrier for NFT and makes it a user-friendly platform for artists. The Bytom platform has high scalability that provides more business models for upper-level applications.

Note: at the time of writing (4th Jan 2023), the developer documentation at Bytom website seems to be mainly in Chinese which may be a blocker for some of the developers. It does seem to be readable via Google Translate, but we do hope Bytom team also makes an English version available too!

Title: Mask network / Maskbook

Platforms: Web (browser extension for Chrome, Firefox), iOS, Android (beta)

License: AGPL-3.0

Github repo:

Mask network aims to help Web 2.0 users to Web 3.0. The Mask extension brings the decentralized application ecosystem onto traditional social networks and provides a decentralized option for the features that the Web 2.0 users are familiar with. Users can enjoy the features of Web3 without effort. They can also enjoy secure and decentralized social messaging, payment networks, and sharing of files without moving away from traditional social media networks.

Mask Network encourages people to own what they produce, their data, and the virtual space they plan to contribute to. Mask Network allows users to enjoy familiar Web 2.0 sites like Twitter with the added benefits of Web 3.0. It is a portal to the new and open internet.

In terms of social activity, the latest messages in Mask gitter are as old as 2019:

<em>Maskbook gitter<em>

but their Discord server shows announcements in 2022 with August 16th being the latest one:

<em>Mask discord server<em>

Title: Unlock

Platforms: Web

Blockchain: Ethereum

License: MIT

Github repo:

Unlock is an open-source, Ethereum-based protocol that has been designed to manage and monetize memberships for communities. Its monetization/ membership model is used by artists, musicians, game developers, discord community and others. Multiple media brands seem to have entered into or planning partnerships with Unlock.

Unlock is an NFT-based protocol that records the transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Various use cases of Unlock include a WordPress plug-in that allows developers to easily add a membership or subscription option to their website. Another use case is a community-created plug-in that enables retailers on Shopify to add an Unlock-based purchase option to their website.

The open-source protocol that Unlock has for creator community memberships aims to redefine how creators will interact with and grow their audiences in the future.

Title: Samila

Platform: Python

Blockchain: N/A

License: MIT

Github repo:

Samila is a generative art generator that is written in Python language. It allows you to create artworks based on thousands of points and the position of each of these points is calculated using a formula that has random parameters. Since these numbers are random every image looks different.

<em>Samila website<em>

The uniqueness about Samila is the way one can make actual artworks using mathematics. The concept on which Samila is based can be explained as follows – when a square-shaped space is transformed from the Cartesian coordinate system to any other arbitrary coordinate system, a plot is generated that feels or looks like an artwork. 

<em>Samila in operation<em>

We have tried Samila via Google Colab and it works – see screenshot above. Maybe give it a go if you’ve ran out of ideas and need your NFT collection art to be mathematically generated!

Title: Secret Network

Platforms: N/A (Rust)

Blockchain: Cosmos

License: AGPL-3.0

Secret Network is an open-source protocol that allows anyone to perform computations on encrypted data. It helps bring privacy to smart contracts and public blockchains. The mission of Secret Network is to benefit all by improving the adoption and usability of decentralized technologies.

<em>Secret Network github repo<em>

Secret Network supports encrypted inputs and outputs and encrypted state for smart contracts and improves upon traditional smart contracts. Secret NFTs are non-fungible Secret Tokens that allow the representation of unique items and events in such a way that ownership and transactions are private by default. It is believed that tokens ought to be private if they are representing a person’s goods and experience. These unique items can also be used for a variety of purposes. For the types of use cases which require privacy, Secret NFTs seem to be a great choice.

Title: Ethora

Blockchains supported: Ethereum, Polygon and other EVM-compatible chains

License: AGPL

Platform: iOS, Android (React Native) and Web (React.js)

Github repo:

Ethora is an open-source and low code “web3 super app” that seems to have been able to mix social, messaging and NFTs organically. The project has been in the making since 2018-2019 with codebase unveiled on Github in 2022.

In Ethora, mobile app users can collect, mint, and transfer ERC-20 Coins and NFTs directly in group chats using an intuitive app UI and an interface familiar to most users from the popular messenger apps.

Bringing NFTs and web3 closer to non-experienced users, Ethora allows anyone to sign in via social sign-on options such as Facebook, G-mail, Apple etc in case where users don’t have a web3 (Metamask or similar) wallet account. In such scenario, users will be able to mint, buy, transfer NFTs on a L2 sidechain without any transaction cost. Whenever users or creators would like to expose their NFTs to well known marketplace such as OpenSea, they can easily send their assets to mainnet via an Export chat bot.

open source nft
<em>Ethora login screen including the social sign on SSO options<em>

Ethora engine UX (user experience) is quite gentle to non-crypto savvy users. Where user doesn’t have a crypto wallet, Ethora will create a wallet automatically for them without even mentioning it. For user’s purposes, they simply communicate with other users and chat bots within chats, with only difference that they can:

* transfer coins towards other user’s messages

* transfer NFT items to other users

* mint (create) and purchase NFT items and expose them within chats and in their own social profiles

<em>Ethora chat screen example<em>
<em>Viewing Users profile including NFTs they own<em>

<em>Screen showing item details<em>

For those familiar with web3, imagine a crypto wallet crossed with a messenger app. Each user basically owns a crypto wallet and they can send messages as well as ERC-20 tokens (Coins) and ERC-721 or ERC-1155 assets (NFT items) to each other as simple as long tapping on the profile or message of another user in a chat room.

<em>Sending NFT items collections and Coins via message menu<em>

Staying faithful to “keep it simple” approach, Ethora doesn’t require users to purchase any crypto currency to operate NFTs. In alignment with the latest Google and Apple guidelines, your end users can either buy them using in-app purchase, or you can disable that function at all and use internal Coin or other mechanics specific to your project which determine how users can earn or create NFTs.

Important thing to mention about Ethora is that it is low code and supports ‘white label’ sort of customization. This means you or your developers team can simply clone the Ethora code from Github (choosing mobile, web version or both), change logo and application title and you will have your own NFT powered app in under 1 hour.

You can then publish it to Apple or Google appstore straight away, however we assume that in most cases you would want some changes done in order to fine tune it to the needs of your userbase. Such fine tuning can be achieved first and easiest via editing the config file which allows you to manage important parameters around chats, social sign-on options, NFTs, menu items and gamification parameters, but for any deeper modifications you will need some Javascript skills, modifying the existing functions or writing new code within either React Native or React.js version of the engine.

Now, a bit of a shameless plug – but also good news really for many of those reading this looking for a solution with an approachable & friendly team behind it – is that Ethora has been developed by us – the Dappros team. This means we’ll be happy to advise you or your developers on how to customize it to your needs. Simply contact us using the web form here:, we’ll get back to you soon & invite you into a group chat with our tech team that will assist you further.

Data section – table lists of open source NFT projects by categories

In this section we provide the results of our research on currently available NFT projects along with their details and links to github repositories.


  1. Collected a list of projects with “NFT” tag from Github,, LibHunt and other sources.
  2. Removed duplicates abandoned projects.
  3. Removed irrelevant projects (e.g. had a different thing in mind under “NFT” abbreviation or “NFT” just mentioned without having any meaningful NFT use)
  4. Broken down projects into categories, creating a separate table for each category.
  5. Sorted by number of stars (descending order, most popular projects showing in the top).
  6. Added “last commit” data.
  7. Refined “About” descriptions in cases where descriptions were empty or didn’t reflect the project.

The resulting data is provided in the tables below. We hope you find this useful in finding a suitable open-source codebase for your NFT implementation.

A list of Educational NFT projects

Updated: 13th Jan 2023

Projects included here are focused on educating people on NFT technology and NFT market.

Project nameGithub repo URLLast commitStarsTagsLicenseAbout
crypto reading list,080Cosmos, Cryptocurrency, Dao, Defi, Ethereum, NFT, Rollups, Solana, BitcoinA curated list for getting up to speed on crypto and decentralized networks. Includes a section on NFTs.
Blockchain Development Resources, Blockchain, Blockchain Website, Cryptocurrency, Cryptoeconomics, Dao, Dapps, Decentralized Applications, Defi, Ethereum, Ethers, Hardhat, Metamask, NFT , Smartcontracts, Solidity, Tokenization, Tokens, Truffle, Awesome List, Awesome Readme, Polygon, Solana, Vyper, Web3js, Distributed Ledger, Metamask, Wallet, Web3Creative Commons Zero v1.0 UniversalThe contents of this repository will help you launch a career in Blockchain development. How to deploy Smart contracts on Ethereum, build DApps, DeFi, DAO, NFT and Token protocol.
Simple Roadmap for technical blockchain enthusiasts, Community, Crypto Education, Ethereum, NFTSimple Roadmap for blockchain enthusiasts to learn about blockchain
Welcome to nft-app 👋, Dapp, Starter, Etherjs, Hardhat, NFT, Openzeppelin, React, Vitejs, Web3MITHow to create your own NFT and mint NFT token
Gas Price Reporting Index, Eip1559, Erc20, Ethereum, Evm, Gas, Gas Pricing, Gwei, Metamask, NFT, Smart Contracts, Transaction, Pricing Blocknative, Etherchain, Gas, Oracle, GasnowReference documentation on every gas price API and all the different formats
Professional Solidity Airdrops Auction Blockchain Dapp Dapps Dapps Development Erc20 Erc721 Ethereum Evm NFT Open Source Smart Contracts Solidity Solidity Contracts Web3MIT“Solidity Advanced Programming” Solidity tutorial for professional developers! The initial V0.0.1 version has been completed
Blog Effective Nft Launches Data, Exploiting, Fairness, Launches, NFTData+code for NFT launch guide blogpost.
Awesome Nft Defi Decentralized, Finance, Defi, Erc721, Ethereum, NFT, Non FungibleA curated list of NFT + DeFi resources and projects
Go Learning Archive, Books, Clean Code, Concurrent Programming, Contributions, Welcome, Data, Structures, Ethereum, Ethereum Contract, Go, Golang, Gopher , Hacktoberfest, Interview, Learning, NFT Programming, Tdd ,Tutorial, Awesome ResourcesMITGo Learning Archive. Gives NFTs as community badges.
Subinium Blockchain
Blockchain, Dapp, Defi, NFT, Web3
Onboarding via various Web3 resources. TF: this looks like a curated list of learning materials about Web3 and NFT in Korean language.
Awesome Defi Avalanche Avax Awesome Awesome List Binance Blockchain Bsc Dapps Defi Ethereum Harmony Huobi Klaytn NFT Okex Optimism Optimism L2 Solana XdaiMITCurated list of awesome DeFi protocols, dapps, wallets and other resources. TF: Includes a section on NFTs
Cardano Minter, Cardano, Cryptocurrency, NFTHow to create an NFT on the Cardano blockchain using JavaScript
Audit Reports Reports, Bep20, Binance, Smart Chain, Blockchain, Bockchain, Dapps, Erc20, Erc721, NFT, Penetration, Testing, Polygon, Security, Security Audit , Security, Vulnerabilities, Smartcontract, Dapp, Solana, Solidity, Tron, VulnerabilityQuillAudits Smart Contracts audit reports which include NFT smart contracts. Very useful resource for NFT smart contract programmers!
Table: Educational NFT projects on GitHub

A list of open source NFT platforms

Updated: 13th Jan 2023

Platforms and Networks. Here we have included projects that are blockchain networks or platforms with a strong NFT support or focus.

Project nameGithub repo URLLast commitStarsTagsLicenseAbout
Mask Network,293Blockchain, Browser Extension, Crypto, Cryptography, Dweb, Encryption, Gundb, Ownyourdata, Peer To Peer, Privacy Protection, Social Network, Web3, Arweave, Defi, Ethereum, Ipfs, NFTAGPL-3.0The portal to the new, open Internet.
Byto,274AI, Assets, Blockchain, Bytom, Contract, Pow, Tensority, Utxo, Decentralized, Defi, Evm, Golang, NFT, PosAGPL-3.0Official Go implementation of the Bytom protocol
Gulden Official, Blockchain Platform, Blockchain Technology, Blockchain Wallet, Bloom Filter, C++, Cplusplus 17, Cryptocurrencies, Cryptocurrency, Financial Gulden, Qt5, Qwt, Cplusplus, 20 Munt, NFT, P2pMITMunt is a witness-secured decentralized network for payments, digital assets, finance and more
Moonstream, Crypto, Dao, Data, Dex, Matic, Mempool, NFT, Polygon, Protocol, Smartcontract, Solana, Trading, Web3, Blockchain, Defi, Economy, HackApache-2.0Building blocks for your blockchain economy
CENNZnet Node, Cennznet, NFT, Rust, SubstrateGPL-3.0CENNZnet: EVM compatible L2 built on substrate
Known Origin Contracts Autions Blockchain Dapp Digital Erc721 Ethereum Ethereum Dapp Ethersjs NFT Smart Contracts Truffle Truffle Framework Truffle Testing Web3 Web3jsMITDiscover, buy and collect rare digital artwork by some of the world’s most respected artists, illustrators and creative practitioners.
Dappros Platform, platform, API, Ethereum, NFT, social, messaging, push notifications, XMPP, L2, sidechainAGPL-3.0Dappros Platform offers an API layer and L2 sidechain that allows users to create and transfer NFTs for free on an Ethereum compatible chain supporting mainnet export/import transactions. Includes a chat server which enables users to send NFTs and coins directly in chat rooms.
Devutnia Dao Hedera Junior Friendly NFT No Code React TypescriptGPL-3.0Devutnia – junior oriented software delivery collective and dao. TF: NFTs are used for digital patronage and hosted on Hedera chain.
Table: NFT platforms open-source projects

A list of open source NFT wallets

Updated: 16th Jan 2023

Included here is a list of Github repos with NFT wallets or wallet-like projects.

Project nameGithub repo URLLast commitStarsTagsLicenseAbout
Unstoppable Wallet, Bitcoin Cash, Blockchain, Blockchain Explorer, Blockchain Wallet, Btc, Cryptocurrency, Dapp, Decentralization, Decentralized, Decentralized Applications , Ethereum, Ethereum Dapp, Hd, Wallet, Ipfs, Kotlin, P2p, Peer To Peer, Spv, Wallet, Bitcoin, Core Bitcoin, Wallet, Crypto Exchange, Crypto, Sdk, Crypto, Toolkit, Crypto Wallet, Cryptocurrencies, Cryptocurrency Portfolio, Cryptocurrency, Wallet, Defi, Defi Sdk, Ethereum Sdk, Ethereum, Wallet, Hd, Wallets, Multi, Wallet, Multiwallet, NFT Avalanche Evm Chains SolanaMITA powerful non-custodial multi-wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Solana and other blockchains. Non-custodial crypto and NFT storage, onchain decentralized exchange, institutional grade analytics for cryptcurrency and NFT markets, extensive privacy controls and human oriented design. Implemented on Kotlin.
unstoppable-wallet-ios, Bitcoin Cash, Blockchain, Blockchain Explorer, Blockchain Wallet, Btc, Cryptocurrency, Dapp, Decentralization, Decentralized, Decentralized Applications , Ethereum, Ethereum Dapp, Hd, Wallet, Ipfs, Kotlin, P2p, Peer To Peer, Spv, Wallet, Bitcoin, Core Bitcoin, Wallet, Crypto Exchange, Crypto, Sdk, Crypto, Toolkit, Crypto Wallet, Cryptocurrencies, Cryptocurrency Portfolio, Cryptocurrency, Wallet, Defi, Defi Sdk, Ethereum Sdk, Ethereum, Wallet, Hd, Wallets, Multi, Wallet, Multiwallet, NFT Avalanche Evm Chains SolanaMITMulti-wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and other emerging blockchains. Non-custodial storage, decentralized exchange, and extensive analytics for thousands of tokens and NFTs. Implemented on Swift.
Coingrig Wallet,, Bitcoin Wallet, Blockchain, Bsc, Bsc Wallet, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Defi, Erc20, Erc721, Ethereum, JavaScript, Metaverse, Metaverse Tool, NFT, Polygon, React Native, Typescript, WalletNext-Gen Digital Wallet. Crypto, Banking and Stocks
Ethereum Kit Android, Erc20 Tokens, Erc20token, Ethereum, Ethereum Blockchain, Ethereum Blockchain Network, Ethereum Client, Ethereum Dapp, Ethereum Library, Ethereum Lightwallet, Ethereum Sdk, Ethereum Tokens, Ethereum Wallet Bep20, Bep20 Token, Binance, Smart Chain, Bsc, Eip1159, Erc 20 Erc1155, Erc721, Kotlin, Web3, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Avalanche C, Chain, Evm, Matic, NFT Optimism, Polygon, Solana, Solana SdkMITComprehensive EVM SDK (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon) for Android, implemented on Kotlin. Create wallets, watch wallets (read-only), sync transactions, filter transactions by type (erc20, bep20, swap transactions etc.), swap using native DEX protocols, connect to DeFi smart contracts using WalletConnect.
Eth Wallet Modal Erc1155 Erc20 Erc721 Eth Wallet Ethereum NFT Wallet Web3 Authereum Blockchain Web3jsMIT🌱 Ethereum provider solution for Dapp&Wallets, 🏷 If you have good suggestions, please submit issues
Ethora, android, chat, social, community, ios, opensource, react-native, messaging, ethereum, blockchain, wallet, qr, blockchain-wallet, erc20, community-engagment, opensource-apps, nft, erc721, messaging-appAGPL-3.0Ethora is a low-code ‘white label’ capable social wallet app. We support NFTs based on ERC-721, ERC-1155 and our own NFMT (ERC-1155 derivative) contracts. Social wallet means users can chat with each other in group chat rooms, send NFTs and even create new collections within chat rooms, discover and buy NFTs in the profiles of other users etc.
MultiversX Elrond My NFTs, creative-tim, web3-dapp, nfts, nft-collection, elrond-dapp, web3-creative-timGPL-3.0MultiversX (Elrond) My NFTs Collection Dapp by Creative Tim. TF: this is some kind of multiverse explorer for NFTs iny our wallet
Table: open-source NFT wallets on Github

A list of Utility NFT projects

Updated: 16th Jan 2023

Utility NFTs are NFTs that have application beyond being a digital art collectible. E.g. NFTs used for access control, as tickets to events, real estate or land ownership etc.

Project nameGithub repo URLLast commitStarsTagsLicenseAbout
Unlock, Ethereum, JavaScript, Memberships Protocol, React, Solidity, Unlock , Infrastructure, NFTMITɄnlock is a protocol for memberships built on a blockchain.
Renoun, Ethereum, Github Actions, NFT, Nfts, Smart Contract, Soulbound TokensMITOn-chain, non-transferrable badges for GitHub contributions.
Niftygate Identity, Digital Signature, Erc1155, Erc20, Erc721, Ethereum Contract, Ethereum, Token, NFT, Proxy, Proxy Server, Signature Verification Token, Gating, Web3MITDrop-in Access Control via NFT Ownership
Carbon Footprint, Carbon Footprint, Climate Change, Electricity, Fashion, Food, Global Warming, NFT, Purchases, Streaming, Sustainability, Transport, Zero WasteGPL-3.0Calculate your carbon footprint 🏭👣 from food, transport, purchases, fashion, electricity and digital activities like streaming, NFT or blockchain.
Music NFT Standard, nft, wax, nfts, atomic-assetsMIT👩‍🎤’s Schema Recommendation for Music NFTs 💿 on Atomic Assets on WAX blockchain ⛓️
Table: Utility NFT open-source projects

A list of NFT smart contract projects

Updated: 16th January 2023

Listed here are amart contracts and apps for creating your own NFTs. Mainly Solidity but other platforms too. Most of these projects will be highly educational for those who are interested to build their own NFT contracts.

Project nameGithub repo URLLast commitStarsTagsLicenseAbout
WTF Solidity,414Airdrop, Auction, Blockchain, Dapp, Dapps, Erc20, Erc721, Ethereum, Merkle, Tree NFT, Open Source, Signature Verification, Smart, Contracts, Solidity, Solidity Contracts, Tutorial, Code, Web3MITI am re-learning solidity recently, to consolidate the details, and also write a “WTF Solidity Minimalist Introduction” for beginners, update 1-3 lectures every week.
MinimalSolidity CN,788Airdrop, Auction, Blockchain, Dapp, Dapps, Erc20, Erc721, Ethereum, Merkle, Tree NFT, Open Source, Signature Verification, Smart, Contracts, Solidity, Solidity Contracts, Tutorial, Code, Web3MITI am re-learning solidity recently, to consolidate the details, and also write a “WTF Solidity Minimalist Introduction” for beginners, update 1-3 lectures every week.
Metaplex Foundation Project Directory,231Js, NFT, Rust, Solana, Hacktoberfest, Hacktoberfest2021, MetaplexApache-2.0Smart contracts maintained by the Metaplex team
Smart Contracts Audits by Chainsulting,159Audit, Bep20, Binance, Smart Chain, Defi, Eos, Eos Contracts, Erc20, Tokens, Ethereum, Huobi, Eco Chain, Hyperledger, NFT, Security Audit, Smart Contracts, Smart Contracts Audit ,Solana, Program, Solidity, Solidity Contracts, Solidity Security, Tezos, Platform, Rust, Smart Contract Vulnerability, Michelson, Move, Contracts, Plutus Vyper WasmCertified Smart Contract Audits for Ethereum, Solana, Near, Cardano, Aptos, Sui, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, EOS, Tezos by Chainsulting
NBA Top Shot, Blockchain, Collectibles, Nba, NFT, Smart ContractsUnlicenseSmart contracts and transactions for Topshot, the official NBA digital collectibles game on the Flow Blockchain
nft-minting-app Solanki, Minting, Nfts, NFT, Nft Minting, The Stripes NftMITThis is the NFT minting web app created using React js and with the help of Hashlips.
Wyvern v3.1,, Ethereum, NFT, WyvernMITWyvern Protocol v3.1, Ethereum implementation. TF: this is an important protocol for NFT marketplaces and exchanges. As far as I know, OpenSea uses it. Worth studying.
MultiRaffle, Ethereum, Minting, NFT, Raffle, Shuffle, SolidityAGPL-3.0NFT distribution with (1) randomized, multi-winner raffles and (2) bulk on-chain metadata generation.
Merkle Generator and Prover in Solidity, Merkle, Proof, NFT, Solidity, EthereumMerkle Proof Generator and Validator in Solidity
NUMS, NFT, Web3MITUnique 100 (0…99) numbers stored on chain
NFT Contracts by Buildship, Erc721, Ethereum, NFT, Smart, Contracts, SolidityGPL – 3.0Open-source NFT contracts used by Buildship
Smart-Contracts for The Sandbox, Blockchain, Creators, Ethereum, Gaming, NFT, Ugc, VoxelMITThe Sandbox is a user-generated content (UGC) gaming platform that will empower creators through digital ownership and monetization of 3D voxel creations made and shared by users around the world.
The Graph – Subgraph Workshop, Ethereum, Graph, Protocol, NFT. SolidityIn this workshop you’ll learn how to build an NFT Subgraph using any smart contract or smart contracts.
Ethereum ERC-721 Low Gas Contracts, Contract, Ethereum, Ethereum Contract, Contracts, Mint, Minting, Nfts, NFT, SolidityMITSample ethereum contracts with full guide. TF: this is ERC-721 based and claims to reduce the gas fees.
Erc721k Monorepo, NFT, Web3🎨 Dynamic Token Images and Metadata
Nft Mint App, NFT, Web3Easily mint NFTs
Proof Of Kyc, Hacktoberfest, NFT, Stripe, Stripe, Identity, Sybil ResistanceMITAn NFT that proves you’ve gone through an identity verification process, powered by Stripe Identity.
Nft Vending Machine Nextjs. NFT. Prototype. SolanaApache-2.0NFT vending machine proof of concept built on Solana Pay, Metaplex, and Next.js.
Pokemon Nft NFT Pokemon Polygon SolidityMITPokémon NFTs
OniiChain NFT Solidity SVGMITAnime NFTs with SVG on-chain (Ethereum)
Svgnft NFT Solidity SVGMaking it slightly easier to create fully on-chain SVG-based NFTs.
Ic Drip Internetcomputer Loot NFTIC DRIP. An Internet Computer version of Loot Project.
Snes Punks Cryptocurrency Nescss Nextjs NFT TailwindcssReal world example of a full-stack Ethereum web app for supporting minting of NFT’s from a collection using Tailwind, NextJS an nes.css. Contracts are written in Solidity with the help of HardHat.
Pixelmap.io Ethereum NFT Nfts Pixelmap
All of the code for, one of the oldest NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain (2016).
NFMT, blockchain, solidity, ukraine, charity, nft, erc-1155, digital-collectibles, ukraine-invasion, ukrainewillstandAGPL-3.0NFMT (“Never Forget” Memory Token). Solidity smart contract template based on ERC-1155 NFT standard that makes it easy for artists and creators to create NFT collections and raise funds for charities and causes they care about. NFMT is used as a standard contract in Ethora project.
Table: open-source collections of NFT smart contracts

A list of generative art projects for NFT

Updated: 16th January 2023

This section includes projects and tools that help to create generative art for NFTs as well as other art related projects.

Project nameGithub repo URLLast commitStarsTagsLicenseAbout
Samila,,python python3, generative-art, matplotlib, generative, nftables, nft, generativeart, nfts , nft-gallery, nft-storageMITGenerative Art Generator
Blend_My_NFTs, blender3d, blender-scripts, blender, images, ethereum, generative-art, blender-addon, 3d-models, nft, generative-models, blenderpython, cardano, blender-plugin, 3d-artists, 3d-art, cnft, blender-nftsGPL – 3.0Easily generate thousands of 3D models, images, and animation NFTs automatically in Blender for free with Blend_My_NFTs.
All On Chain Generated NFT, NFT, RandomMITA repo for generating random NFTs with metadata 100% on chain!
nft-generator-py, Ethereum, Generative, Art, Metaverse, NFT, PythonMITnft-generator-py allows users to generate sets of unique images & corresponding metadata using weighted layer collections.
pixelArt_Generator, Cryptopunks, Generator, NFT, Pixelart, Game, PythonpixelArt Generator for create new NFT punks series
nftool Art, Ipfs, NFT, Opensea, Pfp, Profile Picture, HacktoberfestMITA suite of tools for NFT generative art.
Hugging NFT, Huggan, Huggingface, NFTApache-2.0Generate NFT or train new model in just few clicks! Train as much as you can, others will resume from checkpoint!
Ethereum, Ipfs, NFT
MITBored Ape Database
Nft Generator / Creator, canvas, drag-and-drop, reactjs, art-generator, generative-art, generative, draggable, nft, nftools, nftart, nft-generator, nft-art-generator, nftartgeneratorSickAlien NFT Art Generator is an interactive tool to generate 1000s of NFTs just by simple drag and drop.
Anish Agnihotri Flipper, NFT, Phayc, PhunkScrape ERC721 metadata, flip images, test creative permissiveness.
Nft Collection Generator, Generative Art, JavaScript, NFT, Nfts, Node.jsMITGenerates images and metadata for a collection of NFTs.
Kosmosmo NFT Art Generator, Art Generator, NFT, Photoshop, Pixelart, PythonScript that generates unique images from a collection of component attribute based on weight.
kalwalt-interactivity-A Ar, Artoolkit, Augmented Reality, Glitch, Glitch Art, Jsartoolkit5, Kalwalt Interactivity Ar, Markerless, NFT, Threejs, Arnft, Jsartoolkitnft , Opencvjs, WebarLGPL 3.0Some various experiments with Ar.js and Three.js
Ascii To Svg Generator For Ruby Art, Erc721, Generative Art, NFT, Prawn, Pdf, Ruby, SVGMITGenerates beautiful svg vector images based on a string input.
Metaverse Dapp Eth Ethereum Ethereum Dapp Ethersjs Game Hardhat Meta Metamask Metaverse NFT Scaffold Eth Solidity Solidity Contracts Wallet Connect Web3 Web3js Web3modalMITPixelsMetaverse is an editable NFT production platform
Eth Pictures Infura Ipfs NFT Opensea OpenzeppelinMIT🎨 Draw your own NFTs
Table: generative art tools for NFTs on Github

A list of NFT games and gaming related projects

Updated: 16th January 2023

This section lists the open-source projects that are related to NFT-based games and metaverses.

Project titleRepo URLLast commitStarsTagsLicenseAbout
Unity Web3 Game Kit, Unity3d, Web3, Avalanche, Binance, Blockchain, Boilerplate, Crypto, Dapps, Defi, Ethereum, Evm, Metamask, NFT, P2e, Polygon, Solana, Unity , WalletconnectMITUnity Web3 Game Kit is the fastest way to connect and build games for Web3. It provides a single workflow for building high performance dapps. Fully compatible with your favourite platform.
Flow Non-Fungible Token Standard, Blockchain, Linear, Types, NFT, Onflow, Smart ContractsUnlicenseThe non-fungible token standard on the Flow blockchain
Webaverse, webgl, threejs, webrtc, vr, avatars, mmo, yjs, webxr, nftsMITWeb metaverse engine. TF: this is a web3 powered web-based open-source metaverse engine that supports NFT avatars along with other NFT integrations so we thought worthwhile including it here.
dhof-loot, Ethereum, Loot, NFTUnlicenseScripts to collect statistics about Loot + derivative projects.
Avax Gods – Online Multiplayer Web3 NFT Card Game, Blockchain, NFT, Solidity, Web3With a stunning design, interactive gameplay, smart wallet pairing, live interaction with smart contracts, and, most importantly, the ability to battle other players in real-time, AvaxGods is the best and the only Web3 battle-style online multiplayer card game that you can currently find on YouTube.
Game3.js Development, Ipfs, JavaScript, Near, Protocol, NFT, Web3MITThe Web 3.0 Game Framework
🔮 Simple Game ERC-721 Token Template 🔮, Blockchain Technology, Customizable, Erc, Erc 721, Erc721, Eth, Ethereum, Ethereum, Contract Game, Item, Simple Smart Contracts, Solidity, Solidity Contracts, Template, Template Project, Token, NFT, Non Fungible, Non Fungible Token, Unique TokenMIT🔮 Very Simple ERC-721 Smart Contract Template to create your own ERC-721 Tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain, with many customizable Options 🔮
Bitcoin Slot Machine, Altcoincasino, Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Slot, Machine, Bitlits, Blockchain, Casino, Crypto, Crypto Currency, Crypto, Currency, Gaming, Decentralized, Gambling, Script, Games, Litecoin, Lottery, P2p, Satoshi, Slotmachine, NFTOpen source loginless NFT games
Crypto Car Battle 721, Ethereum, Game, Html5, NFT, PhaserNFT (ERC721) based HTML5 game with Crypto Payouts to the Winner.
Web3games Blockchain Save, Ethereum, Evm, Frontier, NFT, Polkadot, Substrate, Wasm, Web3games, Blockchain, Defi Exchange, Game, Player Id, Ipfs, Marketplace, Rust , Player IdGPL-3.0Web3Games blockchain network based on Substrate.
Dodging Turtis, Chainlink, Ethereum, Filecoin, Ipfs,, Mern, NFT, Nftstorage, Openzeppelin, Phaser, Polygon, React, Smart Contracts, Solidity, Truffle, Web3MITTurtle-themed NFT game and marketplace promoting Indian art.
Crypto Birdies Game NFTCrypto Birdies is a small blockchain based game that let’s users trade and breed ERC721 birds. The graphics are fun and the next generation is always up for a surprise!
Thecryptopurge Blockchain Chainlink Chainlink Hackathon 2021 Chainlink Oracle Chainlink Vrf Crypto Cryptocurrency Game Game Development NFT Nft Game Nft Marketplace Nfts Smart ContractsMITA crypto shooter-survival real-time NFT-based game inspired by The Purge 💸
Table: NFT games and gaming related projects

A list of open-source NFT marketplaces

Updated: 16th January 2023

Engines for NFT marketplaces and galleries.

Project nameGithub repo URLLast commitStarsTagsLicenseAbout
Crypto Boy NFT Marketplace, Dapp, Ethereum, NFT, Nft Marketplace, Smart Contracts, Solidity, Erc721An NFT marketplace where users can mint ERC721 implemented Crypto Boy NFTs.
nft-marketplace, Dapp, Dapps, Eth, Ethereum, Ethereum, Dapp, NFT, Nft, Marketplace, React, React Js, Reactjs, Smart Contracts, Web3, Web3jsMITReactjs And Smart Contracts Open Source Basic Nft Marketplace App
Auction Zoo
Auction, Erc721, Ethereum, Library, NFT, Smart Contracts, Solidity, Web3
AGPL-3.0A menagerie of auction mechanisms implemented in Solidity
WordPress NFT Auction plugin, marketplace, woocommerce, zora, woocommerce-plugin, woocommerce-shop, auctions, nft, nftools, nfts, nft-gallery, nft-marketplace, woocommerce-auctionNFT Auction Product Type WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce – BID HAUS
Open Store, Bootstrap, Ethereum, Hacktoberfest, Hardhat, Infura, Ipfs, Nextjs, NFT, Nft Marketplace, Polygon, ReactjsMITOpenStore is an NFT store built on Polygon Blockchain (Mumbai Testnet)
Polygon-NFT-marketplac, Erc721, Erc721, Tokens, Ipfs, Ipfs Blockchain, Matic, Network, NFT, Nft Gallery, Nft Marketplace, Polygon, Smart Contracts, Ethereum, Web3An NFT Marketplace React dApp prototype on the Polygon blockchain with basic functionalities such as acquire and mint NFTs using ERC721 Smart Contract and Interplanetary File System IPFS.
Ethereum NFT-Store with Dutch Auctions POC of a NFT-Store running on Ethereum
Festival Marketplace Save, Docker, Docker Compose, Erc20, Erc721, Ethereum, Ganache, Cli, NFT, Nft Marketplace, Nfts, React Solidity, TruffleAn end-to-end blockchain based NFT platform for festival ticket booking and ticket reselling between trustless parties.
Artion Client, Marketplace, NFT, Reactjs, Web3jsGPL-3.0Client app for Artion, a global NFT marketplace on Fantom Opera.
Ervikassingh Nft Market Smart Chain, Blockchain, Erc20, Erc721, Ethereum, Ethereum Blockchain, Ethereum Contract, Ethereum Dapp, NFT, Nft MarketplaceA marketplace where one can sell or buy NFTs using (ETH / BNB) coin or (ETK) token. Implements ERC20 and ERC721 token standards for Token and NFTs respectively. Openzeppelin open source library for ERC20 and ERC721 is used as the base code for our contracts.
Marketplace Docker, Kusama, Marketplace, NFT, PolkadotApache-2.0Whitelabel NFT marketplace by Unique Network.
Dvmjoshi Nft Marketplace App, Cryptocurrency, Dart, Firebase, Flutter, Flutter Apps, Flutter Demo, Flutter,, Examples, Flutter, Ui Flutter, Widget, Frontend NFTMITNft marketplace concept
PotterSea Elixir Elixir Lang Elixir Phoenix JavaScript NFT Teknasyon UcbuyucuturnuvasiApache-2.0Metaverse NFT Marketplace with Elixir
Nft Art Marketplace Contract F8n Foundation Marketplace Musee NFT Proxy Smartcontract SolidityMusee Art NFT marketplace
Doge Nft NFT Nft Gallery Nft MarketplaceDOGE NFT
Ethora, android, chat, social, community, ios, opensource, react-native, messaging, ethereum, blockchain, wallet, qr, blockchain-wallet, erc20, community-engagment, opensource-apps, nft, erc721, messaging-appAGPL-3.0Ethora is a social or chat-based NFT marketplace for iOS, Android and Web. It allows users to mint, sell and transfer NFTs directly within chat rooms. You can also discover NFT collections in the social profiles of other users (e.g. creators, artists, celebrities) and mint directly from there.
BVAL NFT, ethereum, nftsMITBVAL NFT project monorepo. TF: this is an NFT art gallery application by Brandon Valosek.
NFT collection API, javascript, node js, blockchain, node-js, nft, nftools, nftsNode.js API for NFT collections supporting diverse features
PinSave EVM compatible version of Pinsave. Decentralized Pinterest. TF: includes NFT related features: Decentralized feed of NFTs on polygon mumbai and fantom chains with decentralized storage on Arweave and IPFS with NFTPort and; Lit Access Control encrypted comments for PinSave NFT Posters.
Table: NFT marketplaces on Github

A list of NFT acquisition and trading tools

Updated: 16th January 2023

Tools & bots for NFT minting and trading (monitoring, scrapping, sniping etc). These are mainly tools that users and traders would use. May also include some DeFi (or NFTFi) projects since we didn’t find enough of them to include into a separate category.

Project nameGithub repo URLLast commitStarsTagsLicenseAbout
The NFT Bay is the galaxy’s most resilient NFT BitTorrent site! Change, NFT, Piracy, Piratebay, PrankMITThe NFT Bay is the galaxy’s most resilient NFT BitTorrent site! You wouldn’t steal a JPEG (or would you)
OpenSea bulk upload and sale, bot, automation, recaptcha, captcha, upload, selenium, bulk, bypass, mint, metamask, nft, opensea, nftsGPL-3.0Bypass reCAPTCHAs | A Selenium Python bot to automatically and bulky upload/ mint and list your NFTs on OpenSea. All metadata compatible, Ethereum and Polygon blockchains supported, reCAPTCHA solvers and bypasser included.
OpenSea NFT Bidding Bot, Bidding, Bot, Bulk, Buying, Bot, Collection, Crypto, Listings, Metamask, Mint NFT, Nftbot, Offer, Offermakingbot, Openseaapis, Openseaautomation , Openseajs, Openseasnipingbot, Opnensea, Sniper, BotOpenSea NFT Bidding Bot
Solana NFT Bot, Bot, Milktoast, NFT, SolanaMITA helpful bot for tracking your Solana NFT project on discord channels.
@nfteyez/sol-rayz, Solana, Web3MIT💫 Package to simplify parsing NFTs on Solana and build NFT galleries
OpenSea Sales Twitter Bot 🤖, NFT, Opensea, Twitter, Bot, Web3ISCA Twitter bot that tweets Opensea sales for a given collection 🐳
Opensea Scraper, Erc721, NFT, Nfts, Opensea, Puppeteer, ScraperMITScrapes nft flor prices and additional information from opensea. Used for
HonestNFT, Ipfs, NFT, Web3, Data, Analysis, ResearchMITHonestNFT Shenanigan Scanning Tools
NFT Discord Bot, Discord, Erc721, NFT, OpenseaDiscord bot for ERC721 NFT collections
OpenSea NFT API Python 3 wrapper, Blockchain, Crypto, NFT, Opensea, Python, WrapperMITPython wrapper for the OpenSea API
Derivatives Project
Developer, Dao, Minting, Nfts, NFT, Polygon
ISCA Polygon-based minting projects for Developer DAO members who own an Devs for Revolution NFT
Party Bid, Mirror, NFT, Reserve, ZoraPartyBid is a collector DAO that lets individuals pool capital, bid on Mirror’s reserve auctions, and resell NFTs.
Binance Nft, Marketplace, NFTBinance NFT sales clicker
Nft Drainer Template, Mint, NFT, Scam, Stealerdrain nft fake mint steal nft nt stealer
Kizmeow-NFT-Discord-Bot, NFT, Opensea, Web3, Bot, Discord, Bot, Erc721, Ethereum, EtherscanMITA Discord bot develop with Python. Kizmeow let you track your NFT project and display some useful information(e.g. market cap, floor price, total supply…etc) by calling Etherscan and OpenSea API.
NFT Yield Farming, Binance, Smart Chain, Bsc, Layer2, NFT, Solidity, Truffle, Web3jsThis is a smart contract that enable a user to farm yield by staking LP tokens into a NFT pool. (on BSC testnet)
Rarity Analyser, NFT, RarityCool Rarity is an open source package for easy rarity score calculation with ERC721 NFT metadata collection. It was born in punkscape 01 rarity analyser hackathon.
Collateralized, Ethereum, Lending NFT
GPL-3.0NFT-collateralized lending primitive, via active auctions.
Bomb Bot, Bombcrypto, Bot, Familyjow, Free, NFT, Python, TelegramBot developed in python, 100% open-source, compatible with Windows and Linux. TF note: as we understand, this bot scans NFT contracts for malicious code.
Checkmynft 202161Arweave, Crypto, Cryptocurrencies, Cryptocurrency, Ipfs, Ipfs Web, NFT, Nftools, Nonfungible, NonfungibletokenMITNFT asset permanence checker
Kaizencorps Doorman, NFT, Rust, Solana, WhitelistGeneral purpose Solana program to purchase a token for a set amount of SOL. Created to be used as an on-chain whitelist for a candy machine.
Vaportrade, Ethereum, NFT, Polygon, TradingGPL-3.0a p2p trading app on Ethereum & Polygon 🙂
Nftree Smart Contracts NFT Stacks StxA scalable way to mint NFTs that earn their owners a yield in STX
Opensea Arb Nft20 NFT Nft20 OpenseaMIT🧸 💸 Detects arbitrage opportunities for ERC-721 tokens between OpenSea and NFT20.
Nft Snapshot Binance Erc721 Ethereum Evm NFT Optimism Owner Polygon Snapshot⚡ Take a snapshot of all NFT/ERC721 collection holders. Blazing fast ⚡
Lootloose.com Erc1155 Erc721 Loot NFTLootLoose lets you unbundle your Loot Bags into individual item NFTs or rebundle items into their original Loot Bags.
Magiceden Sniper Bot Magiceden Mint Minting Minting Nfts Monkelabs NFT Solana Solana Nft Selenium Magiceden Bot Python Launchpad Magiceden Lauunchpad Magiceden Mint Magiceden Mint Bot Magiceden MintingMITMagicEden on-chain NFT sniper bot
Solana Minting Bot, Magiceden, Mint, Minter, Minting, Monkelabs, NFT, Nfts, Solana, Solana, NftMITSolana Minting Bot
Table: tools and bots for buying, minting, scrapping and trading NFTs automatically

A list of platform-specific NFT projects

Update: 16th January 2023

NFT related SDKs and tools. You may notice this includes a separate Solana category as many projects in this section are Solana and/or Metaplex related. Under “MISC platforms” we list other projects which are platform agnostic, Ethereum based or support less known platforms which don’t warrant a separate category.

Project nameGithub repo URLLast commitStarsTagsLicenseAbout
Metaboss, NFT, Rust, SolanaApache-2.0The Metaplex NFT-standard Swiss Army Knife tool.
Metaplex JavaScript SDK, Metaplex, Blockchain, Js, NFT, SolanaMITThe new Metaplex JavaScript SDK
Air Support: Tools for Automating Airdrops of Solana NFTs, Airdrops, NFT, Nfts, SolanaMITAirdrop automation tools for Solana from The Skeleton Crew
AnchorPy, Blockchain, Defi, NFT, Python, Solana, Web3MITThe Python Anchor client.
🌅 Script to update Solana NFT Token Metadata, SolanaNode.js script to update NFT Token metadata on Solana Blockchain
Sugar Rush, Blockchain, Candy, Machine, Candy Machine, V2, Candymachine, Candymachinev2, Cryptocurrency, Dashboard, Metaplex, Nextjs, NFT Primer, Css, React, Reactjs, Solana, Solana Nft, Typescript, Web3Apache -2.0Quickly create and manage Metaplex Candymachines and NFTs in Solana from your browser
MetaplexMetadata Js SolanaGet the Metaplex Metadata from NFTs with Metaplex standard
Candymachine Client Sdk
Blockchain Candy Machine Candy Machine V2 Candymachine Candymachinev2 CLI Library Metaplex NFT SDK Solana Solana Nft Typescript Web3

A full-featured Solana Metaplex Candymachine client-side library in Typescript
MISC platforms
nft api, Api, Metadata, Moralis, NFT, Web3NFT API that returns resolved metadata and has all information about all NFT collections, users, transactions. Cross-Chain NFT API.
NFT Explorer for Kusama & Polkadot & Substrate Ecosystem Driven, Kusama, Network, Nft, Gallery, Nft Marketplace, Polkadot, Hacktoberfest, NFT, Polkadot Network, Rmrk, Substrate, KusamaMITNFT Explorer 🗺 🧭 running on Kusama and Polkadot
Moralis SDK (JavaScript / TypeScript), Binance, Blockchain, Contracts, Crypto, Dapps, Eth, Ethereum, Evm, Fantom, Moralis, NFT, Smart Contracts, Solana, Web3, Web3jsMoralis Official Javascript SDK
Unidata, Ens, Ethereum, Moralis, NFT, Opensea, Poap, Rss3, Solana, Web3💡 Providing easy access to human-friendly Web3 data.
Alcibiades Capital Quay Save, NFT, Rust, SeaportMITAn open source, high performance, backend for the Seaport smart contracts.
DefiKingdoms contract, Ethereum, Gaming, Harmony, NFT, Smart Contracts, Avalanche, Avalanche Avax, Gamefi, PlaytoearnMITInteract with the contracts of DefiKingdoms
JSARToolKitNFT 3.0,, Augmented Reality, Es6, Hacktoberfest, Image, Tracking, Jsartoolkit5, Jsartoolkitnft, Markerless NFT, Webapp, WebarLGPL – 3.0jsartolkitNFT is a smaller version of jsartoolkit5 with only NFT support
Fetch Nft, Ethereum, Metaplex, NFT, Opensea, Solana, Web3🖼🎑🌠 A utility to fetch and easily display Ethereum & Solana NFTs in a common format given any wallet
Oxheadalpha Nft Tutorial Save, Fa2, Ligo, NFT, Smart Contracts, Taquito, Tezos, Tzip, 12, Tzip, 16, Tzip, 21, TznftMITTezos FA2 NFT CLI Tool And Tutorial
Tinlake, Ethereum, NFT, Smart Contracts, Stablecoin, Payments, Rwa, SolidityAGPL-3.0Smart contracts for Tinlake, the on-chain securitization protocol for real-world assets
Gclx Contracts, NFT, Solidity, Web3Domestic conscience contract code
Create Mintbase App, Nextjs, NFT, TailwindCreate React App for anything NFTs on Mintbase
Zora.gallery Ethereum NFT ZoraMITOpen protocols demand open access. Community-operated interface to the Zora Protocol.
Enjin Java Sdk Blockchain Sdk Enjin Platform Enjin Sdk Java NFT Nfts Non Fungible Tokens SDK Sdk JavaApache-2.0Enjin Platform SDK for Java.
Ethora low-code repo android chat social community ios opensource react-native messaging ethereum blockchain wallet qr blockchain-wallet erc20 community-engagment opensource-apps nft erc721 messaging-appAGPL – 3.0Multiple NFT related functions including sending NFTs via chat, minting NFTs via chat bot, NFMT contract type for creators and charities etc.
Cairo Nft Cairo Ethereum NFT Smart Contracts Solidity StarkentNFT Research on StarkNet : Merkle Whitelist, Abstracted Account
EthereumKit-iOS 20220Erc, Erc 20, Erc20, Tokens, Erc20token, Erc721, Ether, Ethereum, Ethereum, Blockchain, Ethereum Blockchain,,Network Ethereum, Client, Ethereum Dapp, Ethereum Library, Ethereum Lightwallet, Ethereum, Sdk, Ethereum, Tokens, Ethereum Wallet, Bep20, Bep20, Token, Binance, Smart Chain, Bsc , Eip1159, Erc1155, Swift, Web3, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Avalanche, C Chain, Evm, Matic, NFT, Optimism, Polygon, Solana, Solana, SdkMITEthereumKit-iOS is a native(Swift), secure, reactive and extensible Ethereum client toolkit for iOS platform. It can be used by ETH/Erc20 wallet or by dapp client for any kind of interactions with Ethereum blockchain.

Conclusion: the future of NFT and Creators ecosystem

NFT technology has helped artists and creators obtain a new way of distributing their arts. The infrastructure of NFT technology is still nascent and is developing. Listed above are some of the projects that help creators to connect with their fans or for the NFT owners to connect and trade with each other.

At present more than 50 million people worldwide consider themselves creators and this has become a type of small business that is growing fast. Creators can include independent content creators, curators, and community builders such as bloggers, social media influencers, and videographers. The digital creator community is relatively new and only about a decade old.

The influencer marketing market is expected to cross the $3 billion mark by the end of the year 2021. On every front, the creator community is currently thriving at roughly $20 billion. Each of these creators is currently operating as a start-up in itself instead of an individual.

Somewhat boosted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the ecosystem of creators and digital content ownership has obtained its validation through being able to stream content from anywhere in the world and transact ownership of digital assets and collectibles via mechanisms such as NFT. The world that became disconnected from one another during these times of pandemic has been able to connect with creators from around the world in different situations.

Current times and market trends have clearly shown that there is a huge demand, funding and sustainability in the creators community. The rapidly scaling social media platforms and streaming services have also helped in the significant growth of the demand for content amongst people and audiences. This has led to the rise of the creator’s economy to the mainstream.

Individual creators have the potential to become lean start-ups that are providing support to e-commerce, brand awareness, and audience engagement. The creator community has become a part of the global economy and it is here to stay. Thanks to NFT and web3 technologies, it will grow and strive.

We have identified 200+ open-source NFT projects that you can use to leverage NFT technology in your business, product or initiative. Some of the projects have been highlighted and covered by us in this publication, the rest are presented in tables broken down into categories. We hope this helps you to save time, learn more about NFT and make this exciting innovation a part of your life.

Finally, please do feel free to talk to us. Team Dappros is behind some notable and code intensive NFT projects such as Satoshi Island, NFMT, Ethora NFT social wallet etc. We offer NFT consulting, smart contracts, web minting and marketplace development. Either from scratch or based on one of the open-source engines we list here. Another popular service of our is the customization of low code Ethora engine that comes with lots of NFT-related features packed under the bonnet. Fill out our contact form and you’ll hear from us the same day!

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