Ethora web3 social engine – release notes v22.09

We proudly present another important monthly update of Ethora engine – version 22.09 which means it is the September 2022 version.

Github screenshot - ethora release notes 22.09

v22.09 – multiple improvements around UX, Bots and Items

This version highlights:

  • Bots suite (BETA) finalized: Hut-Hut, Prisoner Dilemma game, Questionnaire bot, Jester, Create & Export bots (where Create is used to mint a new NFT Collection simply via chat dialog and Export is used to export your NFT Collection from L2 to L1 chain).
  • Room/Chat Details Screen added
  • Blocklists: Users can block other users in chats
  • NFT/Items display improvements: provenance, tags/traits, mint, purchase and export scenarios
  • Users can now send Collections (transfer smart contracts ownership)
  • Improved non-SSO (login and password) experience
  • Finalized support for Youtube links
  • Send X Coins – users can now send arbitrary number of Coins via message menu
  • Improved handling of PDF and other non-image non-video attachments
  • Numerous bugfixes, UX and performance improvements

Follow our updates via the following channels:

  1. Directly via our Github repo:
  2. This blog – use “Release notes” or “Ethora” category tags.
  3. wiki documentation website.
  4. Contact us to become a Partner and receive exclusive updates, technical documentation and marketing materials ahead of others via e-mail updates.

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