How To Earn Free Bitcoins Through Bounties

Bitcoin was the first and most valuable newcomer in the digital currency market known as cryptocurrencies. It’s a decentralized digital currency that is exchanged between two parties without the involvement of a bank or any other financial institution. Let’s understand how we can earn free bitcoins through bounties.

Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are held in a digital wallet, and all bitcoin transactions and copies are held on servers across the world. It is powered by a Blockchain which creates a permanent record of each transaction, and all transaction on the blockchain is public. 

Everyone is fascinated by cryptocurrency nowadays. When it comes to the most reliable cryptocurrency, Bitcoin tops the chart. Everyone wants to earn bitcoin, but people are not familiar with the process of how to earn bitcoin fast. 

Benefits of Bitcoin

earn free bitcoins
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How Does Bitcoin Works?

Bitcoin is something more than a cryptocurrency that is often utilized as a mode of payment or for investors who predict a bitcoin value market increase. In layman’s language, a bitcoin is core data with a specified ownership structure. Here, the data ownership changes after the bitcoin transactions. 

Basics – As a new crypto user, you first begin by creating an account and owning a bitcoin wallet. This helps you generate the bitcoin address. It proves helpful to receive or send bitcoins to your friends and family.

Balance – Blockchain is a shared public record on which the complete Bitcoin network works. All confirmed and successful bitcoin transactions are a part blockchain. This allows bitcoin wallet owners to calculate and evaluate their spendable and remaining balance in one go. 

Transactions – A bitcoin transaction is a direct transfer of a certain value among two or more bitcoin wallets. Generally, bitcoin holds a secret piece of information in the form of private keys to sign and verify the transactions. This process may require signature verification to avoid any chances of fraud. 

Mining – Mining is a thorough process (often known as distributed consensus mining system) used to confirm the pending bitcoin transactions by bringing them to the bitcoin network. It is known to enforce a chronological order protecting network neutrality from scratch.

There are several websites available online where people can earn Bitcoins by playing games, watching ads, etc. By doing these activities, you will receive a very small portion of Bitcoin, but free Bitcoins can be beneficial to earning good profits.  

This article will explain and discuss how you can earn bitcoins easily.

Below we have mentioned different ways to earn free Bitcoins. Let’s have a look:

  • Learning about Bitcoin: The best way to earn Bitcoin is by learning about it from websites such as Coinbase. Coinbase is a helpful website that offers various courses and videos about crypto. After answering some quiz questions or doing some tasks, you will earn some potion of Bitcoins. It is one of the best websites that offer free cryptocurrency for signing up. You just need to register yourself on the website, and bingo!
  • Playing Online Games: There is a pool of games that you can play to earn bitcoin fast. Playing games is the easiest way to earn Bitcoins. There are many online casino games that allow earning free Bitcoins. These games offer signup, welcome, loyalty, deposit, and other types of bonuses in the form of Bitcoins as long as you spend money on them. You can also play blockchain-based games such as Mobile-Based Crypto world, Free Bitcoin, Super Satoshi, and Bitcoin Aliens, which have rewarded 1,090 free Bitcoin coins since 2014
  • Use a Crypto Browser: You can use a CryptoTab Browser that has a unique built-in mining algorithm that helps you to earn Bitcoins while surfing the internet. You will get the payouts every day with no commissions. The best thing is Crypto Browser has more than 25 million users from over 220 countries. 
  • Bounties: It is one the best ways for programmers or coders to earn bitcoins by identifying and reporting platform bugs. Many crypto projects also offer Bounties as a part of development, either in Bitcoins or other tokens. Bounties are beneficial because they can help you earn a good amount of Bitcoins. You can also check the Bounty0x bounty hunting platform, which helps you to learn crypto, and eventually, you can earn Bitcoins.
  • Airdrops: Airdrops are offered for starting any project for the purpose of promotion. It is a great way to do publicity, and it requires doing some social tasks like sharing links with your social media. By performing numerous tasks like sharing promotional content on social media, airdrops will help you earn bitcoin quickly.
  • Cloud Mining Sites: Cloud mining sites can help you earn bitcoins either as a bonus or as a free reward without any deposit. Cryptoplace. cloud also offers a $1 bonus after signing up. Cityline.acc 111GH/S and offer a 500 GH/S signup bonus.
  • Microtasks: There are online microtasks that include surveys and tasks, and after completing them, the users will earn very little amount of Bitcoin. is a platform that allows people to earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by completing small tasks. It is a part of Coinbase now, and the Coinbase earns program lets people earn crypto while learning about it as well. Bitcoins can be earned by watching videos about crypto projects. 
  • Physical Exercising Apps: There are numerous apps from where you can earn Bitcoins by doing exercise. Lympo will reward you with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for walking or running. Geolocation games like Coin Hunt World allow players to earn free bitcoins by tracing blue keys on a map. The player has to move in real life so that the blue man on the digital map moves. One of the most popular websites is smilesbitcoin, where you can earn bitcoins by just walking or doing exercise.
  • Faucets: You can also earn cryptocurrency through faucets. It offers free bitcoins after completing a captcha or watching online ads. You can withdraw those bitcoins from your wallet. Bitcoinker is one of the popular websites to earn bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies by solving a captcha on the homepage. Stromplay is an app that rewards its users with Bitcoins if they try out new games or their services.
  • Participate in Hard Forks: You can earn bitcoins by participating in hard forks. Users can use Forkdrop and FindMyCoins so you can monitor upcoming crypto hard forks, which will help them to win new coins. You only have to purchase as many coins as possible before being given a hard fork, and after that, you will get a good share of free coins.
  • Simulating Crypto Trading: Crypto market prediction apps also help to earn free bitcoins. You earn money based on your predictions. There are games that let you earn bitcoins just by simulating markets. Altcoin Fantasy is a popular game that helps you learn by trading virtual cash and winning free bitcoins with the help of contests.
  • Referral Websites: Many affiliate programs help you to win free crypto. Affiliate marketing works when you have a busy website and can drag huge traffic. For example, on, you can earn bitcoins by referring users to the exchange. There are many other platforms such as By bit, Lolli, Timebucks,, etc. 
  • Donations: Now, earning bitcoins via donations is also simple. For this, you need a website and ask for bitcoin donations on your website. It can be done using a wallet address and QR code.
  • Bitcoin Lending: Bitcoin lending platforms are another popular method of getting more bitcoins. These platforms connect borrowers and lenders to share bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies and earn specific interest. Binance Earn is one of the best and most reliable platforms for lending.
  • Get Tipped: Bitcoins could be earned in the form of tips by accepting them as a payment method. For this process, you only need a digital wallet and a QR code of your bitcoin address on it. Using your bitcoin QR code address, people can give you tips in the form of bitcoin.
  • Online Jobs: Doing a specific task online will also help you to earn bitcoins. There are many companies out there who pay you bitcoins for performing tasks for them, such as retweeting their posts, testing their websites, taking surveys, etc.

Takeaway from earn free bitcoins

In the current environment, Bitcoin is more popular than ever, and it’s not going anywhere soon. As mentioned, there are many ways to earn bitcoin, but you should go with the one you are passionate about.

We hope the above ways would surely help you to earn free bitcoin fast. As cryptocurrencies are still considered volatile in the market, there are plenty of platforms available online where you can get Blockchain and crypto services. Dappros is one such platform that is a reliable supplier of blockchain technology. It also helps clients in building blockchain-powered platforms, and they have some of the best blockchain developers who understand the types of blockchain networks, protocols, and other key technologies. 

So what are you waiting for? Start earning your free bitcoins with the help of the platforms mentioned above.

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