How to Create a Cryptocurrency Game?

Typical gamers and cryptocurrency experts alike have been caught off guard by the quick increase in crypto game popularity. Do you know? In 2020, the crypto gaming market generated US$321 million, with 41.9 million gamers owning crypto. Besides, in Q1 2022, the amount of blockchain gaming has multiplied by a staggering 2000% since Q1 of last year.

The video game industry has also been impacted by the rising need for cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency provides game developers with new possibilities. Today, game designers are coming up with innovative strategies to include crypto in their games, providing an all-new experience to the gamer population. 

While some experts claim that cryptos are temporary and soon to vanish amidst other rising trends, others think that they are here to stay and that their influence will revolutionize the modern gaming industry. With so much inspiration, let’s get started with learning how to create a crypto game!

How to build a crypto game? 

  • The projected growth of crypto gaming has triggered investors and developers to build revolutionary crypto games. 
  • So, if you want to build a crypto-based game, it’s a great time to start. 
  • A cryptocurrency or play-to-earn (P2E) game’s creation can be simple if you have access to the correct resources. 
  • You can create a cutting-edge crypto game in only four easy stages if you have the correct tools.
  1. Server Configuration
  • Setting up a server is the first step to developing the desired cryptocurrency game. 
  • So, it’s better to take your time and set up a secure and scalable server for your crypto game.
  • It is the most essential phase in the creation of video games since it makes sure that the data and assets used in the games are saved securely on protected servers.
  1. Smart Contract Development:
  • A smart contact analyzes numerous situations and their effects in a methodical manner. 
  • You can now get back to creating a unique smart contract that controls and supports the NFTs used in the games.
  • It encourages players to use more original thinking while still adhering to the laws and regulations, creating a more engrossing experience while gaining NFTs. 
  • When you meet this bare minimum requirement, you can have a fantastic P2E game creation environment.
  1. Front-end Development
  • It’s the ripest time to start implementing your planned NFT game idea. 
  • It is a crucial component of the overall development process since it enables you to provide a unique, aesthetic, user-friendly, and immersive gaming interface.
  1. NFT Visuals and Interactive Media
  • NFT gaming aesthetics help programmers offer the gameplay a more engrossing and pleasurable appearance in the early stages of its creation. 
  • Additionally, the majority of crypto efforts leverage compelling visuals as a common feature to create dynamic 3D models and customizable gaming avatars.
  1. Integrate NFT Marketplaces
  • After the entire game development process is over, it must be compatible with or integrated with a well-known marketplace so that you can list your NFTs for auction.
  1. Test & Launch
  • It’s time to test and launch your game after completing these tiresome processes. 
  • Invite some players to the project, and let them play the game, make NFTs, and offer feedback. 
  • Once you determine that the crypto game is ready for a public release, you can make it available on the Play Store.

Is it worth it to play crypto-based games? 

  • We all have heard that crypto games are ruling the gaming domain. But, what makes them impressive for everyone? Or, more precisely, why does everyone like to play crypto games nowadays? 
  • If you are still wondering whether to play crypto games or not, knowing the answers to these questions will give you clarity. 
  • So, let’s dive in and understand the benefits of playing crypto games and whether they are worth your time. 
  1. They are the most entertaining time pass
  • These games provide something for everyone, whether you’re seeking for a quick diversion or an investing opportunity.
  • For example, numerous cryptocurrency games include in-game incentives that may be spent on tokens linked to blockchain-based initiatives. 
  • With their distinctive mechanics and gameplay, crypto games have the potential to be engaging and addicting.
  1. They enable users to become more familiar with cryptocurrency, NFTs, and blockchain technologies.
  • You can learn more about these technologies and how they work by playing these games, regardless of who you are – developer, investor, or player.
  • Many games provide market information so that players may keep track of costs and make wise choices.
  • Thus, crypto games are the best method to learn about digital transactions, tokens, blockchain, and whatnot.
  1. They allow social networking and connecting with other gamers.
  • Players can communicate with one another through social media sites like Facebook, Discord, and Twitter thanks to the prevalence of crypto games.
  1. Cryptographic components, strategic gaming, and social connection all tie together in crypto games
  • Playing crypto games is all about having fun, and they deliver on that promise. A crypto game has something to offer everyone, whether you’re a casual player looking to kill some time or a more committed player looking to improve. The evolution of P2E culture has transformed more non-gamers into ardent players. Such strategic gaming has grabbed many eyeballs over time.
  • Crypto games involve a thorough focus on security. Since it involves online transactions, cryptographic components leveraged in these games make the environment secure, reliable, and healthy. 
  • Besides, the crypto games are based on blockchain. So, transparency and high security are innate attributes of these intriguing games
  • Crypto games are extremely popular among online players because they focus heavily on social connection. You could work along with others.
  • All these reasons make cryptocurrency games popular among everyone – investors, developers, gamers, and even non-gamers.

How to play games while earning crypto? 

  • The best method to earn crypto while playing games is through P2E games. Play-to-earn games give away NFT or virtual currency prizes. 
  • With each platform having its own token to reward online players for their time investment, these blockchain-based games, commonly referred to as P2E, have recently grown in popularity and have become an integral feature of practically every metaverse.
  • One of the most prominent reasons play-to-earn games have become so well-liked is because players can enjoy themselves while earning currency with real-world worth.
  • Here are some of the revolutionary P2E games liked by a massive population worldwide:
  1. Axie Infinity
  2. Decentraland
  3. Alien Worlds
  4. The Sandbox
  5. Zed Run
  6. Blankos Block Party
  7. My DeFi Pet
  8. Gods Unchained
  9. Star Atlas
  10. CryptoBlades

Why are crypto-based games trending? 

  • Cryptocurrency is being used by online games to address issues with transactions and fraud that players face when playing these games.
  • Like this advantage, more benefits make players use crypto games and enjoy a unique experience.
  • Here are some more reasons why crypto-based games are trending.
  1. Immediate transactions
  • Through the removal of ineffective middlemen and the authority of bureaucracy, cryptocurrency enables gamers to instantly transact while playing games.
  • It drives and streamlines the exchange of cryptocurrencies.
  • Since there is no dark side to transactions in the crypto environment, these games have become everyone’s favorite.
  1. Play anytime and anywhere
  • The adoption of cryptocurrencies makes it possible for gamers to play across borders without worrying about exchange rates or security.
  • It gives users the choice to play without authenticating their identity or email. Thus, players can pay and withdraw money more quickly and without any limitations from anywhere in the world.
  1. Focus on safety and security
  • When making frequent transactions in online games, security is essential because so many gaming websites lack credibility.
  • Blockchain technology stops the illegal trading of digital assets in online games. By establishing an immutable record, it also ends key duplication as well as hacking and theft of keys.
  • It supports participants’ continued trust in the smart contracts that guarantee they are sending secure and safe payments.
  • When there is so much security involved, crypto games become a paradise for gamers.
  1. Easy and affordable crypto
  • Compared to conventional money transfer integrations in traditional games, cryptocurrencies are more affordable. There are no additional associative costs with using bitcoins, and there is no need to wait for the money to transfer.
  • Players and game developers can use the concept more effectively as a result. They can receive greater value for their money, and developers earn more money.
  • Because peer-to-peer transactions between users eliminate middlemen, the usage of cryptocurrencies in online games also eliminates handling and exchange fees.
  1. Confidential identity and transactions
  • Your personal information might not always be protected when you play online games, even while your money might be.
  • In contrast, online bitcoin games are the ones for you if you don’t feel comfortable or interested in disclosing your personal information.
  • Additionally, unless a user chooses to openly publish his/her transactions, cryptocurrency purchases are private. 


Because peer-to-peer transactions between users eliminate middlemen, the usage of cryptocurrencies in online games also eliminates handling and exchange fees. Players and game developers can use the concept more effectively as a result. Gamers receive greater value for their money, and developers earn more money.

These reasons make crypto game development a worthy investment for everyone. Do you need our assistance to develop premium crypto games? Get in touch with us now!

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