Useful GitHub Repositories For Blockchain Product Development (Open-Source)

Several developers across the world put their trust in GitHub. The GitHub portal is a go-to choice for several developers as it has some of the best resources. People interested in AI/ML and data science also derive immense help from GitHub. 

To put it in simple words, GitHub is a code hosting platform. It is used for control and collaboration. People can work along with others on projects from anywhere. With a GitHub repository, it is possible to store developmental projects. 

GitHub consists of folders and files of every type like CSS, JavaScript, HTML, etc. Moreover, the repository shall also consist of a README file and a licence file. These files are concerning the projects that developers work on. 

What does Git mean?

Git is the software underpinning GitHub. It is a version control solution. Therefore, it enables developers to communicate with GitHub from the command line more effectively.

This Git reference guide can assist users who wish to utilize the command line with Git-specific commands. For those who prefer a point-and-click interface, you can perform most things on GitHub with just a mouse click.

What is a GitHub repository?

Users may put their development files, including code bases and other relevant information, in a bigger folder known as a GitHub repository (repo). The GitHub repository’s meaning lies in keeping track of any recent changes made to the code base.

Both individually and collectively, anybody may create repositories. You may choose whether to keep your repo private or available to everyone, depending on your preferences.

What is the purpose of GitHub?

As mentioned before, GitHub is a hosting service. It is a for-profit company that works as a Git repository hosting service. GitHub has a user-friendly interface. One must be a little technical savvy to use Git. 

One of the several advantages of GitHub is that anyone can sign up for free. This aspect of GitHub as a public code repository makes it popular among open-source projects. The company mostly makes money from its private code repository sales. In addition, GitHub as a company gets its revenue from other business-focused plans. These plans contribute to making things smooth and easier for companies to manage security and employees. 

What is the use of GitHub?

Software developers and engineers can use GitHub to establish public-facing but remote repositories. They can create these repositories for free on the cloud. After setting a repository on GitHub, you can copy the file on your device. Then add and modify these files on the device. Next, you make changes in the repository where they can also be visible to the public domain. 

What are some of the useful GitHub repositories for blockchain product development?

Free Code Camp

freeCodeCamp GitHub

Being a non-profit organization Free Code Camp teaches aspirants how to write codes. Free Code Camp is available on several platforms. However, their services and tutorials are available on GitHub. And GitHub being one of the most trustworthy and popular sources leverages its services. 

Developers can have more than 200 GitHub repositories access along with various projects. These repositories consist of an open-source curriculum and codebase. In addition, Free Code Camp has several different programming languages, including API Documentation Browser. 

It also has interesting projects like discord bots, periodic table databases, news translation models, etc. 


ethora GitHub

The developing team of Ethora, an open-source NFT community builder, recently made the repository public. According to Taras Filatov, the projector founder, it took almost three years to develop Ethora.

With Ethora, tokenization and blockchain are more accessible even to the amateur user. It allows users to collect, mint, and transfer ERC-20 and NFT tokens via group or direct chats. The introduction of Ethora to the public domain is absolutely at the right time. Right now, the demand for tools and platforms surrounding digital assets is at its peak especially concerning NFT. 

Ebook Foundation

Free Ebook Foundation

This GitHub repository includes free programming books for students. The aim here is to make the world safer for e-books. With thousands of publications in 20+ languages, the repository covers diverse subjects and hundreds of programming languages. 

The Free Ebook Foundation manages the repository. It is a non-profit organisation committed to enabling the creation, distribution, sustainability and archiving of free e-books. 

It is quite famous amongst users. The proof of its popularity is its 221,000+ ratings and 6,900+ commits.

100 Days of ML Code

100 Days of ML Code

This repository is one of the most extensive ones that one might come across. It adheres to a rigid 100-day curriculum for studying machine learning. Learners get introduced to a new topic every day. For example, data pre-processing, logistic regression, simple linear regression, and so on.

Detailed coding, explanations and infographics come along with this repository. For developers, the repository provides a simple yet thorough approach to learning the fundamental principles.

Siraj Raval

Siraj Raval

With the help of basic and simple explanations of complex ideas, technologist Siraj Raval aims to promote data literacy. Raval’s GitHub profile includes more than 500 repositories. 

They cover a wide range of data science subjects. These include code for global models, bitcoin/blockchain development, AlphaCare, code royale source code, polygon cookbooks, recurrent neural networks, computer vision, etc. 

You can find direct links to repositories through his YouTube channel. 

The Algorithms

The Algorithms

The Algorithm is an open-source resource for studying data structures. In addition, it includes data algorithms as well as their application in any programming language. It is of course a verified GitHub repository. 

Data structures form the foundation of programming and development. Moreover, The Algorithm navigates through more than 34 languages. The programming languages include Python, Java, Go, Java Plus, Lua, Rust, C++, and many more. 

The descriptions in the repository are comprehensive and intact. Developers may also use their website to gain access to the codes.

Project-based learning by Tuvtran 


With this repository, one can get practical machine learning development training. Software engineers may learn how to create apps from scratch. The repo enables this by using a variety of programming languages and technologies. 

Users can go through the existing programming tutorials. The repository further supports many programming languages and projects that are unique to each one. 

Tech enthusiasts will benefit from this as they build a project portfolio and improve their practical abilities.

Javascript algorithms


The most comprehensive source for learning everything about Javascript is GitHub’s collection of Javascript algorithms. The repository includes common JavaScript algorithms and data structures. Moreover, it has tutorials and links to external resources. 

The descriptions are clearly separated into advanced and novice sections. They have labels and links to YouTube videos along with README explanations. Furthermore, you can access the explanations in a variety of languages.

VS Code

vscode repo

One of the most widely used code editors is Visual Studios Code or VS Code. It is a streamlined all-purpose code editor powered by Microsoft. Apart from modifying and debugging the software, it seeks to offer developers a comprehensive solution for all of their coding requirements.

It has extensive code editing, navigation, support tools, and an extensible mechanism. VS basic is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.



One of the open source communities with the greatest growth on GitHub is Flutter. It is a software development kit (SDK) powered by Google. It enables the development of apps from a single codebase utilising a user interface toolkit. 

Flutter apps are said to deliver elegant and efficient end-user experiences and are interoperable with web, PC, and mobile platforms.

Public APIs


A collection of free APIs for software and web development can be found in the Public APIs repository. APIs are vital to development. 

Furthermore, it is easier for developers to locate free and relevant APIs in the category. In addition, the list is constantly updated with newer APIs in the public domain.

Coding Interview University

coding interview university

This university is one of the best-received projects on GitHub with 192,000 ratings. Currently, it is trending at the very top. A software engineer at Amazon owns the repository. 

Initially, the repository originated as a study plan of the owner before Amazon. And right now it is a favoured resource for any engineer who can use it to master coding interviews and make it into the top tech corporations. 

Developer Roadmap


The roadmap repository is another accommodating asset for designers to make in the business. The repository provides guidance to frontend designers, backend engineers, Respond designers, and DevOps architects and that’s just the beginning. It is an asset to developers seeking a career in this field. 


python repository

Python is useful in building a blockchain. The GitHub repository tutorials contain all the explanations to understand the entire coding. Python is not usually used for blockchain development. However, if used properly can be implemented for blockchain development.



With this repository, your dream of implementing blockchain can come true. If you want to implement blockchain in the most popular programming languages, Go is the repository choice. 

To Wrap Up

Blockchain is one of the brightest options if you want to develop a profession for and of the future. The reason is the ever-growing and dynamic technology. 

Currently, GitHub makes the list of a few of the most popular resources for developers. It helps in sharing codes as well as working on projects as a team. It is free to sign up for and simple to use. It takes the centre stage in the movement towards open source software.

GitHub offers an amazing opportunity with respect to Blockchain projects. You can hone your technical skills and make a career in modern software technologies with GitHub. The recent buzz of developer activity in the blockchain arena is proof of the industry’s dynamic requirements.

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