Much talked Blockchain Events of the year 2022

Blockchain, a DLT (Digital Ledger Technology), is creating a real buzz in the crypto market. For a person new to the Blockchain space, Blockchain and its entire ecosystem can be panicky for him in the initial stage. To know everything about Blockchain and to make the most out of it, one should attend significant Blockchain events or meet-ups. 

Here, we are going to discuss the top 10 Blockchain meet-ups, events, or conferences happened this year and meet builders, experts, and other enthusiasts of this industry.

Reasons to Attend Blockchain Related Conferences or Meet-ups

While attending Blockchain events, you can benefit yourself with all the opportunities these events provide, such as:

  • Listen to the well-educated and engaging speakers sharing their insights, knowledge, and experience
  • Discover new technology and products from vendors through which business can be taken to the next level
  • Meet like-minded enthusiasts and present your projects to them
  • Improve and build a network with industry leaders
  • Get a chance to become a guest speaker and establish your brand identity 

Top 10 Blockchain Events of the Year 2022: 

To gain adequate knowledge on crypto and Blockchain, check out the this events and don’t miss to see the recording if available.

DeFi Security Summit
1. DeFi Security Summit The first annual event DeFi Security Summit was held on August 27-28 at Stanford University’s Paul and Mildred Berg Hall (California). The main motto of the event was to spread awareness of DeFi (Decentralized Finance), and make investors aware of the various advantages and vulnerabilities associated with smart contracts along with its promising role in Blockchain. The attendees of the event expected to acquire knowledge on how digital asset associated risks can be mitigated and how they can be protected against vulnerabilities.
Cost to attend the event
The event was free to attend. All that the attendees had to do to get their free tickets is to register using their email id. A mail sent to the attendees with detailed event information.
Who will be attending? A huge number of attendees from various backgrounds were expected to attend this annual event including Blockchain pioneers, VCs, business entrepreneurs, and crypto project organizers. 
What will be the key topics?
The topics on which the highly-skilled speakers spoke include Scaling DeFi, the connection between DeFi and DAOs, a discussion on why decentralized privacy and identity are important, the importance of multichain DeFi, and cross-chain, Web3, Metaverse, and many more.
2. CGC 11 ConferenceSince 2018, CGC has been organizing video games and technology related conferences. CGC11 is the 11th edition of this conference which was scheduled on August 30-31, 2022. Being a virtual next-gen event, it becomes easy for the participants to join it despite their geographical location.
Cost to attend the event The attendee have to spend only $5 for entering the CGC11 virtual conference. 
Who will be attending? Everyone interested in new technologies, games, entertainment, and fusion must attend this conference. In the last 10 conferences, 20000 attendees from more than 100 countries have attended this virtual conference.
What will be the key topics? The conference was about advanced Blockchain games, Metaverse, NFTs, Play-to-earn, and Web3.
Blockchain Life 2023
3. Blockchain Life 2022
From 14th – 15th Sept 2022, the ninth annual event in Europe and Russia on mining, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain is Blockchain Life 2022.  The location was Moscow. 
Cost to attend the eventGrab a standard ticket for $128, a Business pass for $564, and a VIP pass for $851. 
Who will be attending?Around 6000 participants were expected to attend the event that including start-ups, business owners and crypto industry owners around the world, miners, fund investors, and Blockchain developers plus government officials.
What will be the key topics?DeFi evolution, regulation, and mining of cryptocurrency, technologies to safeguard crypto wallets, crypto arbitrage, popular Blockchain trading strategies, limitations and risks and how to implement Blockchain technology, etc.
Blockchain Expo
4. Blockchain Expo Blockchain Expo is the top Blockchain conference. Its 6th annual event is scheduled to be hosted in Amsterdam (Europe) on September 20-21, 2022. As this event is available online, you can attend the event online if you cannot attend it in person. Blockchain Expo will also be organized in Santa Clara (North America) on October 5-6, 2022, and in London on October 5-6, 2022.
Cost to attend the event Generally, this event is free, but if you want to sit in the front row, you need to buy a VIP pass available for £99. The pass for the event in North America will be available for $399/day and for both days it will cost $599. The VIP pass can be availed for $959.
Who will be attending? It is expected that 7000 attendees will congregate from all over Europe including Heads of IT, IT Directors, Developers, CTOs, OEMs, Automotive, Government, Investors, Technology Providers, VCs, Start-Ups, and many others.
What will be the key topics?Top level content will be discussed along with live demos. Also, the most up-to-date innovations within the ecosystem of Blockchain will be explored. The event will also cover the impact of those technologies on numerous industries including transport, government, supply chain, manufacturing, retail, insurance, healthcare, legal sectors, utilities, energy, and financial services. 
5. Token 2049
Token 2049, a crypto-related meet-up in Asia, will shed light on the large-scale development of all types of cryptocurrency. It was held from September 28-29 in Singapore. This is one of the main events of Asia Crypto Week.
Cost to attend the eventThe starting cost of the pass is $499. 
Who will be attending?3000 attendees were expected to participate in the event along with 150 well-versed speakers. A pioneer community, opinion leaders, early believers, developers, investors, and entrepreneurs focused on workshops and networking are all going to be a part of this event.
What will be the key topics?The event will cover every trending crypto topic like the Blockchain future, DAOs, Gamefi, building Web3, the multichain future, etc. 
6. Blockchain & Infrastructure 
Blockchain & Infrastructure is a hybrid event that will be organized in Washington, DC at National Press Club on 29th-30th September 2022. One of the famous Blockchain events, this event can be called a crash course as the attendees will get a complete training session on the most up-to-date Blockchain technology along with its applications and a few useful use-cases.
Cost to attend the eventFor a GBA member, it is $199 per ticket and for a non-GBA member, the ticket will cost him $599.
Who will be attending?1000+ attendees will be attending the event along with Founders, Creators, and CEOs of the top organizations across the world.
What will be the key topics?Blockchain technology, Blockchain Infrastructure and its use-cases, funding projects, selecting profitable platforms, building, and maturing solutions, data integrity, and many more Blockchain related topics are going to be the topics for discussion.
7. World Blockchain Expo World Blockchain Expo was held on 30th September 2022 in Dubai. With a motto to strengthen the industry of Blockchain technology and serve the entire Blockchain community around the world, the event is being organized.
Cost to attend the eventAn early bird pass was for $499, a standard pass for $999 and a golden pass was available for $1499.
Who will be attending?3000+ attendees, 30 journalists, and 40 Fintech domain experts from 21 different countries including Blockchain Developers, Blockchain Technology Providers, Start-ups, Investors, and IT Directors.
What will be the key topics?Other than listening to the Blockchain experts, there will be a presentation on all the latest Blockchain based prototypes, concepts as well as working products.
blockchain summit
8. LA Blockchain Summit The LA Blockchain Summit is scheduled to be organized at the LA Convention Centre from November 1-3, 2022. This informative, thought-provoking, and high-impact event will focus on Blockchain building, investing, and adoption of Blockchain in North America. 
Cost to attend the eventThe starting cost of the ticket is $150 for early birds.
Who will be attending?Based on the previous year’s data, it is expected that 5000-20000 visitors and 100-500 exhibitors will be the event attendees.
What will be the key topics?The conferences will feature insightful Blockchain related trending chats like Blockchain introduction to a newbie, presentation of industry use-cases, actualizing Blockchain, etc.
blockchain life 2023
9. Blockchain Life Dubai Forum 2022 The tenth Global Forum on mining, digital assets, and Blockchain event – Blockchain Life Dubai Forum 2022 will be held in Dubai on November 28-29, 2022. The participants will get an opportunity to expand their business network and discover promising businesses to invest in.
Cost to attend the eventGrab a standard ticket for $99, Business pass for $349, and a VIP pass for $799. 
Who will be attending?The event is going to be attended by 3500+ attendees including top industry players, heads of IT companies, investors, government representatives, beginners, and funds representatives.
What will be the key topics?Topics like digital assets arbitrage, P2P trading, NFT, DeFi, Metaverses, and many more will be discussed.
future blockchain summit
10. The Future Blockchain Summit The fifth Future Blockchain Summit held at DWTC, Dubai from October 10-13, 2022. This event highlighted the most disruptive trends in business technology. This event can be attended online too.
Cost to attend the eventOnline ticket rates are AED 220/day and AED 420 for all four days. Offline ticket rates are AED 285/day and AED 500 for all four days.
Who will be attending?All the past records will be broken as it is expected that 100,000+ visitors from 170 countries will be attending the event with 800+ global investors and 100+ speakers.
What will be the key topics?The event will cover significant addresses from global and local experts in areas of healthcare, logistics, finance, and more. There will be transformational workshops, discussions on the adoption of Blockchain, and complete insight into cryptocurrencies. 

Wrapping Up

Blockchain events prove to be very beneficial for individuals who intend to expand their business digitally. From these events, comprehensive knowledge of Blockchain technology can be gained. Though we have discussed the top 10 upcoming Blockchain events, there are a lot more events that can be attended. 

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