In-chat NFT mint app and in-app purchase launched on Goerli

We have now created a new mechanism (NFT Mint App) that allows people from all over the world to easily mint and purchase NFTs starting from $0.99, via in-app purchase.

Note: those who follow us are aware that Ethora allows us to easily create NFTs and other digital assets as well as transfer and trade them directly between users within chat rooms. This is not new for you and we’ve had that functionality for over 1 year now. What is new however is that we have now finished testing and rolled out into production two important functions: Export bot and In-app purchase. This is now live in both Apple and Google app stores and works on the Goerli testnet successfully!

This is especially important for underrepresented communities, artists etc who want to be exposed and also who may be interested to commemorate the causes they care about via digital art as NFTs, simultaneously raising funds for the charities they care about.

NFT Mint app
1 minted nft

Everyone who sends help does not just send it but buys NFT art from the artist (artist, photographer, etc.) they want to support.

2 buy nft

At the same time, the NFT is permanently recorded on the immutable ledger. “Never forget”.
Our goal is to create a platform that:

  • Makes possible the funding of talented (but not necessarily famous) artists through microtransactions – imagine 1,000,000 users from the USA who each buy the art of a Ukrainian artist for $9.99, that’s almost $10m that will go to charity without the overheads of large funds, and from users that did not know or participate in these causes before.
  • Facilitates the creation of a digital memory that will never be erased by any propaganda (“Never Forget Memory Token”) – no one will be able to erase the graffiti of digital Banksy.
3 profile nfts

The artist very easily creates an NFT contract in 2 minutes through a chatbot, it looks like this:

  1. Log in to the Ethora app through your Gmail, Facebook, Apple, or Metamask account

2. Go to the “NFT Factory” chat and send your art (picture) to the chatbot

3. Choose how much percentage you want to give to charity (25%, 50%, 75%)

4. Enter the address of the charity fund wallet

4 provenance nft

After that, an NFT collection is created according to the NFMT standard template and placed in the social profile of the artist.

5 export nft

NFMT is a special smart contract “Never Forget Memory Token” that we created this year, it, like our Ethora token, is available open-source on GitHub.

The NFTM contract template is based on the ERC-1155 standard but has additional features that allow easy and transparent distribution of proceeds from sales to one or more wallets (artists and charitable funds).

6 opensea nft link

Our app is called Ethora and it is already accepted by the Apple and Android stores.

It looks like we are one of the first apps, or indeed the first such platform, to allow you to create NFTs via chat, as well as users to purchase NFTs via in-app purchase.

We are currently in beta mode on the Goerli testnet.

We need help and partnerships to:

  • Fill the platform with content
  • Advertise the platform among potential users and creators

We invite artists who are interested in distributing their art through #NFT and raising money through such a new channel.

We are currently gathering some artists to join the launch, and after that, we will do a Mainnet launch.
N.B. all names and art on the screenshots are test examples. The platform currently does not sell real art and is not connected to the Mainnet. If you are an artist or representative, please write and we will be happy to add you to the first group that starts selling on Ethereum Mainnet with OpenSea support, etc.

You can read more about the project and watch a video demo on

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