Blockchain-as-a-service platform beta release

Great news from Dappros team to all those who are planning to launch their own blockchain, DLT or token economy project. This has now become much easier thanks to the product we’ve been developing for nearly 1 year now. The beta version is now being released to selected audiences for an early access. This beta launch has already been featured by platforms such as Betalist and Steemhunt.

Betalist blockchain platform Dappros listing screenshot

Dappros Platform is your own friendly Ethereum blockchain in the cloud. Intuitive web interface makes it easy to issue tokens, carry out transfers between users’ crypto wallets, check transactions on blockchain explorer and monitor all the parameters of your blockchain system.

SteemHunt listing - blockchain as a service platform Dappros

Thanks to the built-in white labelling feature you can easily add your project logo and have your users sign in to their crypto wallets under your branding. Some of our followers have already named it “WordPress for blockchain” – features such as login branding, application and dashboard branding, “syncing to blockchain” widget make it easy not just to build some distributed ledger technology, but also to visualise it, make it friendly and connect it to the real world.

blockchain white labelling interface custom logo wallet login
blockchain dashboard custom logo white labelling feature

Gain free early access via Betalist or Steemhunt and get your own blockchain project running in just few minutes:



Full version of Dappros Platform is scheduled for release later this year. The pricing policy will include a free tier (available currently for beta users and will remain available for startups / entry level users), advanced features business tier (available to select customers currently) and an enterprise plan. Early adoption users and beta testers are receiving Dappros Platform tokens that can be used towards paid subscription plans once those are made available.

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