Warning regarding potential ICO / airdrop scam using personal photo

This is warning to Dappros followers as certain companies have started to use my (Taras Filatov, Dappros CEO) photo in their promotion of what looks like a potential scam linked with cryptocurrencies. The use of the photo has not been authorised by us. This has been reported to Facebook.

I would like to officially state that neither Taras Filatov nor Dappros endorse any ICO, crypto coin or token offering, airdrop etc. We are a software technology company only. We provide software that is sometimes used for token offerings, but we do not participate in token sales or crypto currency issuances.

Please be vary of such websites, do not use them and do not enter your passwords or your wallet credentials there.

Dappros does not endorse ICO, airdrop etc

using Taras Filatov Dappros CEO photo

Taras Filatov
Taras Filatov
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