Blockchain developers hiring stats (worldwide) October 2019

Note: our data has been sourced from publicly available job boards and we might have missed some data sources which could affect the representativeness of the data. We’re working to extend our sources list and improve our methodology to keep providing you with the best quality analytics going forward.

Meanwhile, enjoy our current findings and we hope you find this report useful. As usual, Dappros is available for a chat if you need help or consulting around your blockchain vision. You may also check our previous historical reports using the links below:

Top-50 blockchain companies actively hiring in October 2019

Top-10 blockchain companies actively hiring in October 2019


The International Business Machines (IBM) Blockchain Platform – the next generation of blockchain for business. Proven, flexible and built to run on any cloud. Deploy the leading Hyperledger Fabric platform in the environment that’s right for your enterprise.

IBM is hiring for multiple blockchain roles, including: Firmware Engineer, Quantum Software Engineer, Researcher, Associate Partner, Customer Relations, Digital Strategy, Analytics, Intern/Researcher.


Synechron Inc. is a New York-based information technology and consulting company focused on the financial services industry including capital markets, insurance, banking and digital.

Synechron has multiple blockchain-related positions for Business Analysts, Python and Java developers with Capital Market Experience.


Deloitte is helping companies worldwide achieve their goals related to blockchain implementation. Our ecosystem for education, ideation, strategy, prototyping, and development helps clients harness the opportunities and capabilities that blockchain technology has to offer.

Deloitte is looking for Senior Managers with blockchain experience in Finance Operations, Strategy and Hi-tech, Telco and Media Transformation.

Ernst & Young

The future of doing business will be through tokens and smart contracts, enabled by blockchain. Ernst & Young (EY) has a clear vision and strategy for how blockchain is digitalizing and integrating supply chains by knitting together business operations and finance at the ecosystem level.

EY is hiring: Tax Technology and Transformation (TTT) blockchain specialists.

Collins Aerospace

BLOCKCHAIN IN AEROSPACE AND DEFENSE. At Collins Aerospace, we work side-by-side with our customers to tackle the toughest challenges in aerospace and defense. We’re combining boundless imagination with a broad portfolio and an unmatched dedication to customers – all to make the skies and spaces we touch smarter, safer and more amazing than ever.

Collins Aerospace blockchain jobs: Business Integration Analyst, Manufacturing Operations Systems Infrastructure Specialist, Infrastructure Services Specialist.

Capital One

Capital One Financial Corporation is a bank holding company specializing in credit cards, auto loans, banking, and savings accounts. Capital One is ranked 10th on the by assets.

Capital One is looking for a Senior Software Engineer with blockchain experience.


Coinbase is a secure platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. Based in the USA, Coinbase is available in over 30 countries worldwide.

Coinbase is both hiring for technical blockchain-related positions: Senior backend, Android, React Native mobile developers. And non-tech positions: International Counsel, HR / Employee relations, and Corporate Development.


OTCXN is a global liquidity aggregation and exchange platform for both digital and traditional assets. All trading, clearing, settlement, and lending on our network is powered by proprietary blockchain we developed specifically for institutional trading.

OTCXN have multiple open positions for: Senior Software Engineers and Production Support (SF, NY)


The Verizon Enterprise Solutions (Verizon) blockchain platform services focused on privacy, portability, and scalability. With Verizon’s blockchain platform that data stays within customer premises.

Verizon is looking for new Product Managers and Big Data and Machine Learning Specialist with blockchain experience.


From traceable supply chains to permanent identity for refugees, Accenture blockchain is pioneering transparent and secure business processes across the globe.

Accenture is looking for Technology Engineer Analyst, Digital Finance Consultants, and Full-stack blockchain developers.

Other blockchain companies hiring in October 2019

  • Compound
  • Duff & Phelps
  • Lukka
  • Forte Labs
  • 102 ICF Incorporated
  • PeerNova
  • ApTask
  • Tech Mahindra Limited
  • Huxley Banking & Financial Services
  • Ultimate Software Group
  • Aden Staff
  • Rupiah Token
  • Tephra Inc.
  • Gemini
  • Wachsman
  • SAP
  • Ripple Networks
  • ConsenSys
  • Cisco
  • Runway Innovation Hub
  • Blockchain
  • Skookum
  • Dapper Labs
  • AAA Automobile Club of Southern California
  • Intelletec
  • Full Stack Talent
  • Clearmatics
  • UnitedHealth Group
  • Sky Republic
  • IT Pros
  • VMware
  • Roc Search
  • Endure Technology Solutions
  • Eliassen Group
  • Nesco Resource
  • Paxful
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Infosys Technologies

Top GEO locations hiring blockchain developers

Top Blockchain Locations October 2019 - DAPPROS Blockchain developers

List of GEO locations hiring blockchain developers, October 2019

  1. New York, NY
  2. Menlo Park, CA
  3. San Francisco, CA
  4. Seattle, WA
  5. Chicago, IL
  6. Boston, MA
  7. Denver, CO
  8. Atlanta, GA
  9. Los Angeles, CA
  10. Midvale, UT
  11. Washington, DC
  12. Dallas, TX
  13. Philadelphia, PA
  14. Charlotte, NC
  15. Jersey City, NJ
  16. San Jose, CA
  17. Brooklyn, NY
  18. Columbus, OH
  19. Lewisville, TX
  20. Plano, TX
  21. Houston, TX
  22. Yorktown Heights, NY
  23. Minneapolis, MN
  24. Austin, TX
  25. Indonesia Jakarta

Blockchain companies actively hiring by GEO location

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