Dappros Analytics

Blockchain Developers

Dappros carries out periodic worldwide and geography focused analysis on availability of DLT and blockchain developers, types of blockchain networks, protocols and other key technologies that are trending including numbers of developers by blockchain technology in each geography. This research is mainly based on open data such as Linkedin and job board listings.

The following analytical reports on blockchain developers have been published so far:

Title: Blockchain developers worldwide stats (absolute vs relative to population).
Link: https://www.dappros.com/201809/blockchain-developers-worldwide-stats-absolute-vs-relative-to-population/
Date: 24th October 2018.

Title: Blockchain developers India stats February 2019.
Link: https://www.dappros.com/201902/blockchain-developers-in-india/
Date: 10th February 2019.

Title: Blockchain developers hiring stats (worldwide) July 2019.
Link: https://www.dappros.com/201908/worldwide-blockchain-developers-market-update-july-2019/
Date: 6th August 2019.

More information in our Blockchain Developers page.

Vertical: Logistics

Taras Filatov, Dappros founder and CEO has produced a Medium publication with a report on state of the market of blockchain technology in logistics and supply chain. According to this report, there have been over 21 partnerships and initiatives in this area by August 2018.

Title: Blockchain in logistics 2018.
Link: https://medium.com/taras-filatov/blockchain-in-logistics-2018-c5c737d46dc9
Date: 16th August 2018

Other Dappros publications related to Logistics and Supply chain verticals:

Title: Tracy Chain – tracking your shipments via blockchain – live demo.
Link: https://www.dappros.com/201809/one-api-call-and-your-shipment-is-on-blockchain-tracychain-a-supply-chain-logistics-product/.
Date: 24th September 2018.

Title: Getting everybody [to work] together (IBM Maersk shipping blockchain struggle).
Link: https://www.dappros.com/201810/getting-together-shipping-blockchain/.
Date: 28th October 2018.

Title: Provenance. Tracking origin via blockchain.
Link: https://www.dappros.com/201901/provenance-tracking-origin-via-blockchain/.
Date: 1st January 2019.

Title: Decentralized assets tracking and transactions explorer.
Link: https://www.dappros.com/201901/decentralized-asset-tracking-and-transactions-explorer/.
Date: 28th January 2019

More information in our Logistics and Supply chain page.

Technology: Security Tokens

Dappros works on a number of projects in the area of ST (Security Tokenization) or STO (Security Token Offering). Security tokens are a new type of digital securities or equities that are powered by blockchain technology. In replacement of paper share certificates, bonds or land titles the security token transactions are governed by decentralized applications (smart contracts) and the ownership can be easily transferred online. Easier listing, fundraising, buying and selling of securirties means lower transaction cost, higher transaction speed, better liquidity which contributes to economy growth.

Our publications on the topic of security tokens and STOs:

Title: State of security tokens software development. Link: https://www.dappros.com/201904/state-of-security-token-platforms-development/. Date: 17th April 2019.

Read more in our Security Tokens technology page.

Vertical: Security tokens in Real Estate

The advantages provided by security token technology make it attractive for many traditional verticals such as real estate. It is compelling to use digital securities technology to enable fractional ownership investors globally to invest into existing or newly developed real estate assets. Additionally, the possibility to list real estate security tokens at public crypto exchanges such as provided by Ethereum blockchain network creates the potential for unprecedented liquidity boost in primary and secondary trading.

In partnership with our real estate / property investment customers, Dappros currently works on a report devoted to real estate securities tokenization. It will be published in this section upon completion.